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Can an Aspie partner be counted on for surgical aftercare or to address needs of aging?
sxrsxr posted:
I am 10 years older than my partner of 10 years. He is not an extreme example of someone with Aspergers, but he exhibits most of the classic symptoms. I have recently been diagnosed with a spine injury that will likely mean surgery, and I am finding my partner acts as if I am not injured at all and when I ask for help he either ignores me or puts things off. In fact, when I fell and injured my back as I was lying on the ground crying in pain he told me that my falling was "stupid"! I am afraid that he will be unable to care for me after surgery and as we grow older. We have no children and are both pretty much estranged from our families. Does anyone have any experience that they can share about having to depend on an Aspie after an injury or after becoming limited due to aging?
bdt1805 responded:
Being an Aspie myself, Understanding other's situations is really hard. It's hard to put yourself in someone else's shoes when you feel like you live on another planet (neurotypical vs autistic). Do you see a counselor with him? One that has experience with Aspergers? Counseling has helped me immensely; and even though I'm not in a relationship I know I can empathize with other people a LOT better than I used to.

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