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Difficulties with oral communication
bdt1805 posted:
Hello. My name is Brian and I have high functioning autism(Aspergers) I have a really hard time communicating with people, especially orally. Not only am I awkward and nervous in groups, but it's really hard for me to get words out. Like, it takes a LOT of concentration to just get a sentence out. I have no trouble with writing though, so I thought it might be a good Idea to talk online to others like me. Everyone says I talk fine, but then they complain that I'm always saying "what?" and "huh?" after they speak to me. Its because my mind is trying to multitask; listening to what they said and scrambling to figure out what to say back. I also do that and say a lot of umm's and uh's to try to catch up with my mouth before I make myself sound dumb. It's really embarrassing, so I stay away from people. I don't know what to do though; I'm really lonely and am dying to make friends, but every time I go and try to talk, my mouth gets me in trouble or in embarrassing situations. And yes it gets me in trouble because I sound bossy sometimes; I sometimes see something that needs to be done at work and will state--very bossy-sounding-- something like "that floor needs to be cleaned". It drives me CRAZY because certain people at work HATE it when I do that and I can't help it, it just comes out like that!!

I'm not sure how anyone can help me with all that (it was a mouthful) but I guess it makes me feel better if I can talk to someone about it without feeling uncomfortable.
alicecrose responded:
Just want to say you're not alone. I have the same trouble. Even my typing is not great but it is one of the tools that has helped me express what I want to get out. Most people tend to think I don't care to make friends like Dr House but nothing could be further from the truth. I would love to make friends and meet people but as soon as a person approaches me, my words don't come out right, I have trouble making eye contact, I stumble on words and repeat certain words to give me time to think. I also have trouble hearing what the person is saying even though I'm extremely sensitive to noises. I'm constantly having to repeat what? I hate this because a loud voice only hurts my ears and does little to improve what they're saying. Anyway I'm Alice so don't think you're alone. I just got on webmd and looks like it's not real busy here so whether or not you get this, maybe other people trying to understand autism will get an idea from our small experiences.

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