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momcares42 posted:
For 6 years it was assumed that my daughter had ADD, however none of the meds. ever worked that well. She is now 13 and after some research I think it is a very real possibility that she may have AS. At this point I am hesitant about taking her to a phsychologist because I don't want her to think that I think she is not normal. I don't want her on meds her entire life and I am under the impression that there are no medications available that treat AS as a whole, only ones to help with outlying symptoms, is this true and am I doing her a huge disservice by not having her diagnosed?
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cknowl01 responded:
My son is now 13 and has been on ADHD mess since kindergarten. We had him evaluated and tested 2 years ago by a clinical psychologist who our sons psychiatrist referred us to. We were expecting a diagnosis of Aspergers but instead was shocked to find out that the diagnosis came back as mild mental retardation. We set up an appointment 2 weeks later with his psychiatrist to review the recommendation. He has been working with our son since kindergarten. He didn't agree with the diagnosis and stated he felt very strongly that he had Aspergers. He apologized for not seeing iit sooner because we had tried many different medications and none of them seemed to work. He said that should have been his first clue because with Aspergers, no medication will work. Needless to say, I still believe our son does have ADHD and Vyvanse seems to work very well for him for that purpose which he has been taking since 4th grade. But one thing you have to understand about medicating as we were dead against it as well in the beginning, is that it helps them feel normal and better about themselves and the child themselves notices a difference in their behavior. . If you would like to talk more, mail me at Hope this information helps.
An_240494 replied to cknowl01's response:
Dear cknowl01,
I have 2 sons w/autism, the oldest w/aspergers. You need to seek help as long as your daughter is having difficulty.Just like (normal)
kids; our kids go thru emotional growth too, my sons did; now 20 and 18. My asperger's son went the gountlet too with drugs,and shrinks. Unfortunately medical professional do make mistakes, so do research on your own too. We found Zoloft work best. Also just let your daughter always know, that you KNOW she is going thru something that is worth talking about, I always told my son that we would always be there to help him thru his tough times.
My son finally started to look up aspergers online himself to try to understand why he felt this way, I think it was a turning point for him and his selfassertion. It's tough, I know, But you will make too, and so will your daughter. God Bless

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