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Neck Pain
o0_Rayne_0o posted:
So it all started around August 4th, it was rainy and I was wearing flip flops and was heading down the back porch steps and my foot slipped out from under me causing me to slide the rest of the way down on my back. My foot was pulled up under me and I originally thought it was broken so it was my main concern at the time but later found out it was just a sprain. Well like 3 days after I fell my neck started hurting pretty badly and I couldn't move my head from side to side or up and down. I figured it was just some sore muscles and shrugged it off but the pain continued until about a week ago, sometime the end of August. Well my foot and neck have been feeling a whole lot better so I decided today to do some exersize. I know how to do floor exercises without straining my neck but now my neck is killing me all over again. Any ideas on if its just muscles?
sher06 responded:
I would see your Dr. to determine if it is muscle or disc.You could have a buldging disc in your neck which could be very dangerous,and they can cause alot of pain and probs down the road if not treated,my advice would be to not lift anything and take it easy on your neck untill you know.I had a stiff neck one day and it got worse,ended up having surgery and I cannot even explain the pain it causes when it starts pushing on nerves.Be careful and get checked out.Good luck,hope its just a strain

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