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Help please! What kind of doctor does he need to see?
Sabine48 posted:
My husband has had a severe pinched nerve causing his left shoulder and arm to be extremely painful and numb that was diagnosed a couple of years back by a family physician. The last five days he has suffered a similar yet less serious bout with what seems to be the same type of pain in the left arm once again. He can not lie down without it becoming more painful and has had to sleep in a sitting position the last several nights.

Is a family doctor the best one to seek for initial consultation and treatment or should he be looking for a specialist? Please advise.

Thank you!
An_242350 responded:
would see a NUCCA doctor. they are like a chiropractor without the big crack to the body. NUCCA doctors take xrays and measurements and most of the time the issue is in the neck area. so when they do there work on you it feels like a lite hand pressure, but they know where to put it and how much. Visting a NUCCA doctor was the best thing i ever did. and i have been willing to try and listing to my doctors. but this i sought out on my own. i learned alot about my body that no doctor has ever told me and i know it is true because i feel this, i just didnt have a name for it or how to treat it.....and now i am on the right track to feeling better and staying that way.

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