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Post Anterior Cervical Fusion Surgery Concern
GaryAKingJr posted:
I had 2 discs removed and 3 vertebrae fused in my neck in August 2010. Everything went very well with the surgery, my recovery was much faster than most according to my surgeon, and my post procedure xrays showed progressive bone growth where it should be on each visit. I was back to work in 2 weeks, driving in 4 weeks, and golfing (although not very well) in 8 weeks. When I went to my first physical therapy appointment a few months after surgery the therapist put me through a few stretches to determine my range of motion. She stated I had full range of motion and any physical therapy sessions would be a waste of time and money.

My pre-op symptoms did not have any pain associated with them....just tingling in my extremities, weakness in my legs, and some motor trouble with my legs (walking, running, etc). All of the symptoms went away within a few weeks after surgery, and most of them were gone immediately.

I said all of that to ask this....I am starting to experience some of my symptoms again. Slight motor issues with walking and slight tingling here and there in my hands. These could be totally unrelated to my surgery and yes my mind can be playing some tricks on me (because frankly it freaks me out a little). I made an appointment with my neurosurgeon on Jan 23rd as a follow-up to see if there might a problem. I have tried to research this online to see what the possible issues are but haven't come up with anything definitive. Has anyone else had experience with this? Any feedback is appreciated....thanks!

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