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Anterior Cervical Disc Fusion
robbieann7 posted:
I'm having cervical disc fusion surgery on Mar 1, 2012 on C3-4 and C4-5 disc and am freaking out. At first I was told they were doing a disc replacement but then they found out I had 2 bad disc's so they can't do replacement. I'm being told that I only have to take 2 weeks off work (I do computer work and customer service) and shouldn't have any problems with lifting restrictions. This is the last resort after all the shots in the neck ect... Has anyone had this done? How were you feeling in 2 weeks? I'm only staying 1 night in the hospital and they said no neck brace or anything. I've been reading online and it seems like everything the surgeon told me is wrong.
dorvin responded:
In 1994 I had a fusion done on C-5 C-6 and when screwing in the plate they cracked C-6 and had to go down to C-7. I was sent home the same day. Yes, same day surgery! They dr. said I could get out of bed and go home and I laughed at him. I had a 6 hour ride home and just died. Very miserable for about 1 month. Could not return to work, I was a secretary. Had to hold my neck straight because of the pain. when I finally healed up all the migrains were gone and I would not have traded that surgery for anything. But, when they tell you you can return to work in two weeks and do computer work etc. they are not being truthful. Any other questions I am willing to answer.
robbieann7 replied to dorvin's response:
Thanks, I had a feeling that 2 weeks would not be enough time. Was there a lot of physical therapy afterwards? Are you better? I have numbness down my right arm to my hand which is why they decided surgery. They said if I don't have the surgery that besides the pain and numbness getting worse I would eventually lose my arm function. Thanks for answering.

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