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Full Spinal Fusion
PainTooLong posted:
I would love to know if there is anyone else out there who is going through what I am going through. I was diagnosed with S curve scoliosis at age 12. I wore the milaukee brace for 2 years, had first
fusion from T3-L3 with herrington rods placed in, wore body cast for 9 months at the age of 18. I feel down stairs while in cast, so rods came loose from spine, caused a lot of pain, so at age 21 had second back surgery to remove rods.

Years went by, had a child (went to chirpractor) the 9 months the ONLY time I was pain-free. Had to have C-Section because of fusion. Pain started to progress, always going to chiropractor to help with pain, until about 5 years ago. The pain became too much to bare. I went to several ortho specialists they could not find the problem. Finally, an ortho specialist looked at the MRI a different way and noticed when they removed the rods they did not fuse the spine in the two places they were connected and my spine had shifted and I was disconnected at top and bottom!!!

So, in 2009, I had my 3rd surgery, fused from T1 to L5 this time and a titanimum rod put in my back and surgeon found 10 oz. of bone spurs on left lower back which they used to fuse the spine to rod. It has been over 2 1/2 yers and I am still in pain!!! I was on 17 different types of meds the first year after surgery and now the surgeon who operated on me after the first year said he could no longer help me. So he sent me to a pain management clinic where I go every other month and they give me Morphine to take 30mg and 15mg 3x/day! I have been on this since surgery.

Recovering has been VERY hard!! Now the bone spurs are back, I also wear a pain patch over the area, and I am in so much pain. If
I miss a dose I go into DEEP depression, my body feels like gravity
is weighing me down all the time, I am constantly in pain. The cold weather affects me and the hot weather due to the humidity affects me.

Now the pain clinic is suggesting the Spinal Cord Stimulator", has anyone experienced that? My breathe cuts off a lot during the night, because I am still disconnected at the top and the surgeon said we would leave that part alone for now and he didn't fuse that in 2009. My spine shifts and my husband has to give me a "bear" hug to put it back into place.

I am at my witts end, I will be 50 in May and I have been going through this for 38 years now. Is there anyone who can relate to me or has gone through the stimulator, I am debating on this because recovery for me is harsh. I am skipped a lot of the painful times, but I only have so much space here!

Any help is welcome.

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