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Back and Neck Pain Discussion
mare4christ posted:
As with the first discussion in this forum my pain started in the area of my left shoulder blade. It started with severe spasms in my back. The doctors injected cortisone into the area with no success. For several years I endured stiff neck, extreme pain in my neck and shoulders, sporadic spasms, loss of sensation in my left hand, and my right hand would fall asleep. Muscle relaxers were my life.
In the year 2000 the pain was beyond my endurance and was finally to see a neurosurgeon. The first of many. The first one indicated there was a herniated disk at C5/6 and surgery would help. The surgery was denied. The next neurosurgeon I was sent to agreed with the first but sent me back to my doctor. I was then sent to a neurologist who sent me to physical therapist which included neck traction using the water bag over the door. This treatment lasted for almost a month with terrible results. I started having spasm like episodes that would start at the base of my neck and slam into my forehead. They would come with no warning and caused problems with driving. This doctor blamed the spasms on my religion, Christianity and sent me back to my doctor.
I was then sent to a pain management specialist. He performed two spinal injections with no success. He refused to do a third and suggested my going back to a neurosurgeon.
I went to another neurosurgeon who performed a MRI in 2002 and found two herniated disks and a bone spur in the spinal canal. Surgery was performed on C5/6 & C6/7. I was better for about 3 months then the pain and loss of sensation returned. C6/7 was operated on again and a plate installed. Things did not get better only worse with intensified pain and severe headaches.
In 2007 C4/5 was operated on and a plate installed.
I have since had an EMG on the right side only. It was not as painful as the pain I endure each day so I am not sure what everyone means when they say this test is so painful. The only one that hurt with great intensity was the probe between the webbing of my thumb and first finger. They say there was not anything significant in the findings.
I have since been on multiple medications and my current doctor has indicated most of my pain is from fibromyalgia. Not sure why my arms and hands fall asleep if the final prognosis is now fibromyalgia. Typing this post has been most difficult as both arms are asleep and my hands not much better.
I have given up on traditional medicine like Lyrica, Cymbalta and all the others to include muscle relaxers with and without Codeine, and multiple pain relievers. Other than being pretty much lethargic in this treatment I was not pain free. I am attempting to use therapeutic oils and pain free yoga to help with the pain classified as fibromyalgia. I am not sure what to do with the spasms and the arms and hands that fall asleep.
In all the posts in this particular forum I have not seen a doctor respond with helpful insights. I hope that some guidance can be provided.

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