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Scoliosis suffer with really bad jaw pain
lapearce posted:
I might also have TMJ and used to suffer from pretty frequent jaw pain. However, being more aware of my jaw-clenching tenancies and a mouth guard have more or less solved the pain. I'm putting there here as I believe the jaw pain is related to my back whoas.

My scoliosis mostly manifests as shoulder and neck pain. Last week the pain was really bad, about as bad as it gets with frequent headaches and popping IB Profin regulatory. Then last Wednesday I woke up with awful jaw pain. I figured I just clenched in my sleep more than normal, however the pain is not my normal jaw pain. It's almost a numb pain on the left side of my jaw (last week my left side of my neck was hurting a lot more than the right side). The oddest part is if I turn my head to the left side to stretch the right side of my neck the pain doubles in my jaw. I got a deep tissue massage on Sunday and did some yoga so my back pain is back to just a little bit more than normal, but the jaw pain persists.

Wondering if it may be nerve related or just a really bad muscle pain and if it is worth going to a doctor for or if it is probably something that will pass on its own.

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