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Pain! Neck, shoulder, arm, armpit cant figure it out?
An_247762 posted:
I have been going in circles for the past 3 1/2 years with this pain after I as rear ended. Been to chiropractors, had x-rays showing some straightening of cervical curve and spurs, physical therapy, had injections and radiofrequency neurotomy (facet nerves burned) with no relief, an orthopedic surgeon did a myelogram which showed no nerve pinching, a neurologist did an emg which was inconclusive, and just started more rehab a week ago. My pain goes from my neck/shoulder up to my jaw, down my arm and hand. It has spread even more recently to my shoulder blade and under my armpit. I seriously do not want to use my arm on that side at all because it causes more pain and feels clumsy and weak anyway. Everyone has thought it is my cervical spine from whiplash that started it all, but now are trying to see if it is thoracic related...I am just at my wits end since its been so long and only getting worse. It seems no one can pinpoint where it is coming from. Has anyone had these same symptoms without x-rays or imaging showing what is wrong?
nancyshore responded:
i can relate im going tru it myself had surgery on c4 c5 its been 3 years now i cant move my left arm at all yes its in the arm pit now its going in to my right im sorry you are going thru this. i know its god awful the pain is never ending i wake p in the midle of the night shaking my arm while im sleeping. i dont know why. but my doc said its cause of c6 c7 i had an emg done they said i had nerve damage. my doc said to continue therapy til i see the spine doctor.i had xrays its showing nothing it wont ig its in your spine mri will find it it found my last one thank god i was almost paralized i still cant walk right and my arm are killing me but thats all i know if theres more after i see the spine doctor ill let you know what he says even they arent always right but thats all i know im no doctor but i have been told by an emg its c6 c7 we both have the same symtoms but mine is not thoracic im like you at this point today no has pin pointed it other than what my doc said in his book let me know how it goes ill keep updates on you
wish you well i hope what i said helps and gives you an idea where to go im telling you only what i know like i said its been almost 3 years of dealing with this and im too at my wits end
nancy shore

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