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Pain after Spinal Fusion
HurtingAlways posted:
I am so glad I found this posting. I had the surgery to remove 2 of the disc in my back in 2009. I have gone through therapy, 2 trails for the simulator, and now I am doing the 8 needle injections into my back. I did not like the simulator but it will be the last resort for me. I have not worked in almost two years and I hurt constantly. My legs, buttocks, back, calves, and neck is always in pain. I have a Master's degree in Education as a School Counselor and want to go to work very soon. I just turned 49 and want to continue working for along time. When I can finally go back to work I do not think I ever want to retire. My social life is non-existence, and I don't get any sleep at night. I have to go tomorrow and get one of the procedures done the day before Thanksgiving. I am praying that eventually we all can go back to being more active. I miss working out and shopping so much. Please keep me updated on the things that are working for you. My PM doctor is hopeful, but no promises right now. He has helped a lady that is 65 and had been in pain for 20 years to be almost pain free so I am hopeful and praying.
Adamski responded:
Its great to hear you so open about your story, you seem determined to change things which is always the best sign. Im not expert but what I found worked for me was changing the shoes I wore and the bed I slept in. I read up on the whole connection thing between a memory foam mattress back pain etc, and just committed to it. I found my quality of sleep was better but I also felt rejuvenated as each night past. Similarly, wearing shoes with better support (I would usually wear flat shoes like converse) which relieved the strain on my back. These are small differences but they do have a great impact

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