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Bi-Lateral Ulner Nerve Pain After Neck Fusion
tuttwiler posted:
I had a neck fusion in April 2010 that was succesful. About a year afterwards, I started having bi-lateral ulner nerve pains. I have had the following over the last two years: 2 MRI's, CT Scan, 2 Nerve Conduction tests and Physical Therapy. Nothing was visible from the tests and the Physical Therpy did not help. Now my doctor is recommending a Myelogram. I have tried nerve pain medication but to no relief. I cant talk on a phone without an ear piece. Bending my arms for a very short period is painful. I sleep in arm braces at night to keep my arms from bending. Over the last six months I have started getting a nerve pain in my left shoulder. Most of my Ulner Nerve pain happens when I sit at my desk during the day. On weekends when I am not at a desk, the pain is mild. However, on weekends, I still cant talk on a phone without an earpiece. I have tried different chairs, no arm rests, etc.. If I ever bump my arm on the Ulner Nerve region, it is very painful. After two years of dealing with this I am at my wits end. I am so sick of being in pain. Any advice, suggestions, or encouragement would be greatly appreciated.
tuttwiler responded:
I forgot to mention that I have also had a round of steroid injections.

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