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DDD & Pain
janrush posted:
There is one word in the medical community that you don't want to be ddiagnosed with and that is Fibromyalgia. Years later you get diagnosed with DDD (mild to moderate), arthritis (mild to moderate) and a Schmorl Node and you get zero pain relief and are treated like you are a drug addict. I did find a new Ortho guy but he doesn't have a very good side bed manner. He didn't even correctly read my MRI results and said nothing was wrong but did refer me out to the pain mgmt. clinic. I'll be looking for a new ortho doc to see. Now, at the pain management clinic my first shots were those trigger shots. I didn't find that to be very helpful. I went back and had my first epidural with the steroid. That didn't help. I went back today and had another epidural and some trigger shots. I was told if this didn't work I should follow up with ortho to see what's next. I'm on Lyrica and Methocarbmamol. And, that's it..what about something for the arthritis. I get Lyrica is used for different uses but I am having no relief. Where that node is at I feel a deep sharp pain and somehow that converts to muscle pain. I've done a chiropractor, PT, at home tens unit, every OTC topical and nothing. I even asked the pain management for a topical prescription and nothing. It's just all this Fibromyalgia and the rest doesn't matter I guess. I can't sit for long periods and I have a desk job. I get up and down frequently but really need my whole desk to move up so I can go between standing and sitting. I have a tile floor I want to take a jack hammer to as cooking kills me. Same with the bathroom and trying to get ready so I stopped wearing makeup and doing my hair. Are there any words of advice....any medicinces or things to try and talk to these doctors about???
Please help

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