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Constant lower, upper back pain, and neck pain
trash369 posted:
It seems like everytime I try to figure out the cause, it makes me think I have something very serious going on. But when I go to the doctor or emergency room, I get treated like a hypochondriac! Help, I have been having back pain for several years. From neck pain and spasms, upper sharp pains around my shoulder blades and in my left arm just under my shoulder to lower back pain that is sometimes excrutiating. I have a sleep number bed and have adjusted it several different ways, but still wake up with a stiff painful back. I also get dull aches in my legs if I lay a certain way. I started excercising over 2 months ago (zumba classes 2 to 3 times a week, and walking), but somehow it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Personally, I think it is getting somewhat worse. I have also tried chiropractors also, but my insurance doesn't cover enough to let me go. Am I being overly concerned and should just suck it up?
sno2cold responded:
ive had the same thing for many months now.I went 3 weeks ago to an orthopedic surgeon.He did x-rays and said I had arthritis and spurs and a arm bone is out of place.He sent me for physical therapy.Went to 2 appointments.My back went numb for 10 days.Hip,leg,side.Then they did an mri on my neck.My shoulder without an mri already shows surgery needed.My low back at L3,L4,L5 all have bulge discs.3 of them,degenerative disc disease,amongst bony overgrowths.My neck shows 4 bulge discs.Three vertabrea out of place C7 has a large bulge disc on it plus a spur growing off it.Mri is your best bet to find these kinds of problems.
youllfeelbetter responded:
Your health is worth all the money in the world. See if your Chiropractor has financing available or find one that does.
youllfeelbetter replied to sno2cold's response:
Have you tried Chiropractic for your problems. The MRI is helpful in diagnosis, but not in cure.
An_262337 replied to sno2cold's response:
Dear sno2cold, I just had nerve block and the Pain Clinic Cauterized (burned) the left nerve in my neck last Oct-Nov 2014. I FINALLY, have some relief. C2,C3, andC7,-had a spur on left side of C7. Have been in Constant pain, pinched nerve and spasms that I had to constantly try to crack my neck all day and use ice. Had two spinal surgeries fusion L5,S1, ('87) and L4; laminectomy 1993. and was a normal weight. Both surgeries were successful. Since I am 65 and on Medicare (United Health Care ) and Medicaid, I finally got my pain taken care of. The injection is suppose to last a year. I was in a Car Accident,-my head hit the windshield, and thrown out of car, & had fractured pelvis (rt side) when I was 17 yrs. was a passenger not driving. I live in Florida, don't know age or what one does for a living etc plus exercise. Good Luck.
zencrystal98 replied to youllfeelbetter's response:
Had tried Chiropractic years ago several times for my neck and low back pain. Did not work. Surgery worked and injection of nerve block and cauterized nerve in my neck worked. from Kiki7zen
glinggreen responded:
What I know is that those pains take time to get cured, at least a year to two if you keep yourself on track to treat it. Other than doctors, chiropractors and workout, you can add regular massage to your plan coz every time you feel better from seeing a doctor or chiropractor, you have to try your best to take care of what your doctors achieve in the treatment. Regular massage is a good way. I live in the bay area, having regular on-demand massage from MassagePanda , a local on-demand service, it is convenient and affordable. It is already my second year with neck, back and shoulder pains, I am still working on them.
californiapainnetwork responded:
There are many conditions that causes chronic lower, upper back pain, and neck pain.Pain which runs down the arm, and possibly into the hands and fingers,is frequently caused by a cervical herniated disc pinching a nerve in the neck.
Upper back pain can be relieved applying an ice cold compress to the affected area.
Reference: Pain Management

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