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Daughter's Back
Libbejo posted:
My daughter who is 28 has had 5 major back surgeries,(fusions) and is still in a lot of pain, she hasn't been able to work since July of 2006, she did get married 2 years ago but had to had have a procedure to help her get through the day. I was reading everyone's discussions and it sounds like the pain will never go away, has anyone ever had a baby with all this pain, she desperately wants to have a baby, but with all the pain medications there is no way she can get pregnant and I can't imagine her even being able to carry a baby. I want to show her the link to this site so she can talk to people with the same problem but it just sounds like there is never a cure for the pain and I am afraid that will make her more depressed than she is, all she ever tells her surgeon is she wants to go to work, get a house and then have a baby.
Thanks for any insight you can give me.
marjorie1965 responded:
I can not imagine anyone having 5 back surgeries specially if a fusion was involved having a child. Has she discussed this with the drs who did the surgery? Most people if not right away will eventually end up having other surgeries after fusions. i can not see her carrying the additional weight of being preg either.
Libbejo replied to marjorie1965's response:
Her surgeon said she could have a baby but I can not see how she could carry all the weight on her back and a c-section would be a must. She is still in high amounts of pain everyday still taking pain medicine, she is doing water therapy now which helps her a little but it only last for a little while, we never knew that once you have back surgery you will have this pain for life.

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