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No response, nobody here I guess
Jayne4694 posted:
I have written twice and nobody is answering me. I asking for help. Maybe this isn't a good site, maybe I need to go elsewhere.
earlyretirement responded:
What was your question?
Jayne4694 replied to earlyretirement's response:
Read the post a lot going on in my life and I think neck and back pain.
earlyretirement replied to Jayne4694's response:
Yes, that was quite a long post, i can understand why you didn't want to get into all of that again.LOL, I guess you were hoping for more responses. With what I've read here so far it seems kinda hit or miss where some people get a lot of responses back and some don't? I also have advanced DDD with multiple levels of herniated discs and typically C6 is very common to herniate (it tends to go with the package,so to speak) causing pain to radiate down the arm, esp the back of the elbow(follows that nerve) and numbness in the thumb and finger-tips (symptoms can vary slightly) 80% of cervical disc herniations can resolve on their own over time, but your symptoms trouble me - I did have a very successful C6 discectomy with immediate relieve of my symptoms,because if this continues you may be facing permanent nerve damage. You didn't mention if you have had a cervical MRI, has anyone checked your reflexes in that arm? and I would think it prudent also to rule out any carpal tunnel also since you are a typist with nerve conduction studies in that arm. I hope this helps some and I hear back from you.

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