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Shoulder pain leads to tightness in neck and shoulders--HELP!
Interred posted:
Several days ago, while I was sitting at my computer desk I felt a sudden ache/pain in my left shoulder, which traveled, up my neck and into the back of my head. Since then the back of my neck and both of my shoulders have extremely tight and I have had to use a combination of pain medication and massage to keep them loose enough to perform daily activities. I have also found that the muscles in my neck and shoulders loosen by themselves when I am in an air-conditioned setting, which is odd. Is there a reason why my neck and shoulders would be so tight? Thank You for your time.
earlyretirement responded:
I noticed that u have not recieved any responses to your post, your symptoms seem somewhat strange, almost backwards as things would normally progress, but people have different structures and that's what makes us unique. We do not make a differential diagnosis on this web-site but generally suggest that you seek a medical professional to evaluate you- hoped this helped somewhat and that things have loosened up for you if not have it checked out....sincerely
KsTinMan responded:

I had a similar situation with my neck. I was laying in bed and suddenly got a severe pain in my neck and shoulders after turning onto my side... your description of a "tight" feeling is pretty accurate to my symptoms. It progressed fairly quickly and traveled down my right arm causing pain and tingling in my hand, down into the thumb, ring finger and little finger. My arm hurt intensely as long as it was out straight. I found that curling my arm up to my chest help to relieve the pain. After about 12 hours of hoping it would subside I finally went to emergency room and was admitted. During the stay I was put in traction and given moist heat packs and massage, and had a CT scan of my cervical spine. A neurosurgeon appeared in my room on the third day and showed me a set of slides from the CT scan. The disc at L5-L6 had a chunk broken off which was floating at the nerve root and was pinching the nerve. He asked if he could operate... I replied "YES" without even asking what would be done. I just wanted the pain to stop at any cost. The neurosurgeon performed a laminectomy and foraminotomy, removed the broken piece of disc, then took a plug of bone from my hip which was placed in the disc space. The surgery was successful, but I do have nerve damage from having the root pinched at that level. The remaining residual pain and numbness is much easier to live with than the way it was. Definitely minor in comparison. I hope your issue is not as severe. Good luck to you!

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