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Stiff Neck or time to worry....
emmittearl posted:
Hi all....I have three heriated disks in my neck (Cspine) and normally do not bother me. I get quite a reaction when doc sees my MRI, but I have never needed to do anything. Few years ago it bothered my shoulder and I had an injection and have been good since...until this morning. I woke up with a horrible pain in my neck. Of course it just could be I slept wrong, but here is my question. With my neck and it's history how do I know if it's something serious? How long do I wait and should I rest or not worry, I mean what if it's really bad? How do you you rush to the doc or do you wait. Thanks for listening to me.
earlyretirement responded:
so do you have relief now?
emmittearl replied to earlyretirement's response:
I'm sorry I did not know anyone posted....I am no better and seeing a doctor tomorrow. I'm guessing it's time for xrays and a new mri....damn.
earlyretirement replied to emmittearl's response:
2 weeks is a long time to wait, I just figured if you had slept wrong you would know by now and be better, I also had a fairly recent Cervical MRI and was real impressed by the open one, where you just sit instead of laying down - Hope it turns out to be a minor fix or problem. keep in touch and best of luck!
emmittearl replied to earlyretirement's response:
Thank you for your kind words...this has been a funny thing.
I seem to be ok during the day...pain around a 1 or 2, but at night it's 7, 8! Yesterday i had therapy and a massage and then added a cervical roll to my pillow...woke up worse than ever. The xray shows three levels of bulge and all three with bone spurs. I will have an MRI soon to see what to do. I'm frightened for sure. Doc told me no golf, no swimming unless I wear a mask and snorkel...keeping my head straight down! My last MRI in 07 was bad, guess it's just gotten so bad now that it hurts? I will keep you posted and again thanks.
Geradine4733 replied to emmittearl's response:
Pain always seems worse at night for me too. I think it is a time when we do not have distractions so we notice our pain more. Many of us are like you - with a chonic condition that we are trying to live with.

You are wise to consult with your doctor. He knows your condition better than anyone. An MRI will give you so much more information. You have a good attitude, and that really helps.

I am happy that you will keep us posted. We really do care on this board because we know what you are going through. It really helps me to be able to talk to other people who understand. It seems our family and friends want to fix us. They can not so they become frustrated and feel helpless and sad.

Best wishes that you have some good news soon.
earlyretirement replied to emmittearl's response:
Your so very welcome! The only thing I have found that really helps so far for me is that I got rid of my pillows and now sleep on a posture-thermic pillow (doctor recomm) conforms with your head and neck alignment and that really did make a big difference along with taking a muscle relaxer 30-45 minutes prior to bed time (along with other chronic meds). I also liked what Geradine4733 reply is to your post, very nice and truthful!....Keep in touch and may you both have better and less pain at night.

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