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Is Surgery the next option?
An_189739 posted:
I have L3/L4, L4/L5, L5/S1 paramdedian disc extrusion adn disc protrusion with annular tears. I have extreme pain and have had for over three years. Tried massage, PT, Accupuncture, Rolfing, Chiropractic, Prolotherapy, Epidural Injection, Spinal Chord Stimulator, and pain meds.
Will back surgery give me the relief I have seeked for so long?
earlyretirement responded:
Not necessarily, but there are a multitude of surgeons that would be more than happy to operate on you and tell you that they can fix you right up. I have read way to many" failed back surgery" posts and it's a very personal decision for one to make. I also have a multitude of spinal issues (all 5 lumbar discs are herniated, along with facet arthritis,bone spurs, spinal stenosis,etc) but opted not to have any surgical intervention and manage fairly well on chronic pain management with some of the other interventions you mentioned above, but like I said it's a very personal decision. Have you been offered back surgery and if so what did they propose to do to you? wish you the best of luck and less pain in the future.
Geradine4733 responded:
I had major surgery L2 - S1 eight years ago, and it made everything so much worse. I was presented with a rosy picture that this surgery would end my pain but my pain is greater. I have very severe chronic pain with pinched nerves.

If your problem was from an injury,you have a chance. If your problem is from arthritis, there is little hope for that many levels because arthritis tends to progress. My L1 disc herniated, and the fusion did not fuse because of the stress of the fusion and the L1 disc.

I went to a Pain Doctor too after the surgery. He gave me all the expensive procedures but he let me go when I refused the SCS and the Pain Pump. I now have my pain managed by my Primary Doctor. He is much better, and I only have to go in to see him every six months.

Good luck whatever you decide to do. Do your homework. Surgery should be a last resort. You can not take it back once it is done.
tww810 responded:
Hi Anon

I am in week four of a L-4, L-5 S-1 fusion and I am off of my pain meds and i am still pain free. I dont know where you are but I went to the university of Kansas Hospital where they have an extensive neurological department. All of the staff there are committed to trying to resolve your pain issues. I can only share with you that having this surgery for me was the best decision that I have made for myself in a long time. I suffered with chronic pain for about two years and finally decided that surgery was the only option left for an attempt at correcting my situation... A spondylolisthesis at l-5, S-1 here is the link to the Dr that helped me and cured me from my chronic pain -

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