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Due to my neck issues!
Jayne4694 posted:
I have horible pain in my elbow and now it's radiating down to my wrist and into my hand. I'm told it's all due to the nerve in my neck. Physical Therapy helps but doesn't last long.

Someone please help me get rid of my pain. I don't drink or smoke but my husband says maybe I need to have a few drinks a day to ease my mind and my pain.

imachildagain responded:
I have had multiple cervical and lumbar surgeries, nerve cuttings and about everything else. This last year my left arm started in the upper part feeling like I'd been slugged, then nerve pain, numbness and tingling down to the fingers. I've been told it's due to nerves, but I've been able to control the pain in that arm with Neurontin (Gabapentin). Cheap nerve medication, works for some, not for others. I quit for a month and all the arm symptoms came back, went back on and my arm is back to normal. Lyrica also is good, but not on my insurance so I stick to the other. The one side effect that bothers me with the Neurontin is light headed and ran into furniture for about a month, but then was fine. When I stopped for a month and then went back on, this side effect did not re-occur. You could try it. Nerves, spinal pain, etc. seems to be a trial and error proposition from what I'm reading.

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