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Help I can't take the pain
Jayne4694 posted:
I have a disk pressing on a nerve in my neck. This started in May. I had numbness and tingling all the way down to my right hand. Then at PT they got the numbness and tingling to go away after a month. My neck still feels tight and tense. All this time since January I have been suffering from Elbow pain going down my arm into my wrist and then my nuckles. The pain is so severe. I have some pain medicine for nerve damage but it's not working anymore. Below my elbow is swollen and the message therapist says my forearm is tight and has knots in it.

I talked to the owner who is the head honcho today about this pain and he said something about the middle or second bone in my elbow is injured along with my tendons being swollen possible torn and that is why the pain in going into my hand.

My arm is becoming imobile. It's my dominet hand and that doesn't help. I have all I can do to put my car in Drive. We were having Sweet corn tonight and I couldn't even husk it. I've asked the Physical therapists if it's time to bring in a orthopedic Dr. and they say no I just have to give it time because of the amount of pain.

I don't even know if calling my Dr. and getting a different pain medication would work because I have to drive a 1/2 hour to and from work. Another thing that adds is that I am a secretary and I type 90% of the day so when I'm at work I'm in pain all day.

Any suggestions.
An_189745 responded:
I am a bit confused - is this the same arm that pt had some success with or your other one? Also what type of doctor are you seeing that stated you have a disk that is pressing on a nerve in your neck?Also what area of your neck is the disk irritating this nerve?What pain meds are you on and how often?What brought this ordeal to life?Did your MD send you to pt?I am missing something here with your disk compressed on a nerve in your neck relating to your elbow and the bones. Please I need more information before I can if at all comment on your problem I have been through quite a bit of cerivcal damage and normally it does not cause elbow pain or any type of bone problems.This is why if I had more information such as the questions I asked I might be able to comment to your problem. I am sad for your pain and I can understand your frustration but more information again would be helpfull.If you have not seen a nero doctor and only an md that sent you to therepy there may be some suggestions I could give. Best to you and keep your chin up. I can tell your at your witts end but any spinal injury is slow to recover and hang in with pt as long as you can. I will keep watching for a reply from you here. Cheers to you....

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