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    I don't need more pain killers. I need answers!!!!!
    Yani77 posted:
    I have pain on my neck with tension headaches that comes a goes. I can feel great one day and next day I'm in so much pain that I can't put my head or neck on the pillow. In order to be pain free I must have a very sedentary life. As soon I star working out or i have a busy day the pain comes back. I'm a very active person who likes to go to the gym and exercise. During the past few months I have change completly my lifestyle in order to avoid pain. I had an a head and cervical MRI on 2009 that shows C5-C6 with a small buge and ropture of annular tear. The doctors said It wasn't big enough to cause pain but, they send me to physical therapy, epidural injections oral medication such a Prednisone, muscle relaxers and pain killers. Everything looks like is working until I tried to go back to my normal routine. Of Course trying to be more careful. Since the problem persisted the doctor sent another test called a discogram or discography. The discograpy shows the same information about C5-C6 but also shows that C6-C7 is abnormal it demostrate full ticknes of annular tear. The dye leaks from that center along a radial tear. I had NO pain during the procedure. The doctors said that even when the discs were abnormal they are not the cause of my pain. I know there is something wrong. I just want to know what is the cause of this horrible pain episodes. I will like to know if taking Prednisone 5 days before a discogram and Flexeril plus naproxen 2 days before can alter the final results of the test. I will also like to know if there is a posibility that my discs can heal by it self. Please help me to undestand what is happening to me. I don't want to be on pain killers or more medication
    earlyretirement responded:
    hello Yani77, There is not a lot of room in the cervical area for even a small disc bulge sometimes depending on your anatomy and yess it can cause some pain and discomfort and headaches. On a positive note 80% of cervical disc problems will resolve on their own without any kind of surgical intervention. This process can take up to several months to reslove itself or can progressively get worse also. I too have cervical disc problems so I can relate. so you very well may need to take meds for relief during this time. here is a web-site that may offer you some info on disc anatomy even though it's lumbar info you can get the jest of it. and also hope this helps, it sounds like you may have osteoarthritis or DDD, you may also want to seek another opinion. keep in touch and best of luck!

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