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Neck Pain
An_189746 posted:

I am 27 years old male based of India, working with consulting firm as Business Analyst for 3 years. My daily job activities involve working in front of laptop for 8-10 hours. To reach office I travelled 40 Kms on bike and back home the same way.

From last six to ten months, I am having issue with my neck / shoulders sometimes back pain (minor) that restricts me to have less mobility of neck and if I do so it triggers a pain in and around neck, shoulders and till some part of hands (tingling effect).When I first got this issue, I let go for sometime as it was not causing trouble, but later when pain increased, I saw physio-therapist to get treated. He begins to give me ultra-sound, IFT and traction to induce healing. During treatment, I was almost ok after 8-10 days of therapy, but somehow the pain reoccurred after I had a gap of 4-5 days in treatment (thinking I was alright). Then I revisited him and physio-therapist said let the treatment gets complete, so again I underwent treatment and was alright after 10-12 days treatment. But to my surprise, the pain again reoccured after 2 days but this time near left shoulders starting from the locations below left ear to left hand biceps.
So this time I visited orthopaedist to know more about this pain and why it is occurring repeatedly. He asked me to undergo MRI of cervical spine (16-Aug-09), and I did the same. Below are the outcome of MRI test:

Early degenerative changes in C2-C3,C5-C6 discs.
Posterior disco osteophyte complex seen impinging adjacent anterior thecal sac and cervical cord at C5-C6 level.
Decrease in the mid sagittal cervical canal diameters at C5-C6 level

Incidentally noted -
Degenerative changes in L4-L5 disc.
Schmori nodules herniating in the upper end plate of LV1, LV2 bodies.

Doctor said I am fine and there is nothing much to worry and asked me to exercise for 3 weeks and see him again. This is all happened in last week of august to mid of september.

At present i am doing exercise as prescribed and feel alright but get crunch or little pain sometime and also if i dont do exercise. Overall i am fine, but worried about my neck and back as sometime they pains. In early morning, i also get some stiffness in and around neck. In addition, do i need to take up MRI scan again as its little old. (or) one more concern is that my age, as i am very young getting these type of problems is it alarming and also can i sustain my lifestyle and living habits for atleast next 30 years till 58 years. Please advice.
Can i continue doing my desk work or change the profession?

I am concerned what exactly is this. Hope these details are appropriate. Please let me know if any more details are required or need any clarifications.

Thank you.
Ravinder Raj

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