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please help me with ,right shoulder,arm,neck,ear,back of head pain
pmorris39 posted:
since may 2010 i started having right shoulder pain, entire right arm,wrist,back of my head, neck,severe right ear and right upper teeth pain. sometimes my right eye droops from the pain.sometimes i start to choke when swallowing. i had a cervical MRI which showed 2 bulging disc but they are not touching a nerve, but they said my cervical spine should have a curve, but it is straight what does this mean and what could cause this i am 40 years old and have never had spine or back problems in my life. any advise would be helpful
bbanker2 responded:
I just read your post and I have the same problem with my neck. My symptoms are not as severe as yours, but I do have neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches. I consulted 2 chiropractors who basically told me the same thing. A normal neck has a curve to it similiar to this (. If your neck is straight instead of curved it causes nerve suppression which in turns affects other aspects such as your thyroid, sinuses, vision,etc, etc. The more straight your neck becomes, the more it pulls on the muscles in your shoulders and neck, causing pain. There are also different phases of this deterioation. Once you reach phase 4, the last phase, your discs start to bulge and then possibly rupture. At this point, you generally need surgery. I just started chiropractic treatment to try to get some relief from the pain. Hopefully, it will work. It will not hurt you to consult a chiropractor and see what they can do for you. It is better than the alternative. By the way, I am only 34 and I am having these problems.
levi00 responded:
too havew had a a cervical mri which showed slight loss of curvature. im a 35 yr male who has never had any medical problems. Im no doctor, but what my doctor told me is that the lack of curvature in the cervical spine is called spondolosis(spelling might be off a tad) and it basically is neck arthritis. In my case, they said the curvature loss was minimal and was normal for someone my age. However, they did attempt to treat it first with a Medrol pack (steriod pills) for 6 days and then with injections directly into the vertabrae where the curvature problems was. i believe it was cortizone shots. The shots are to work instantly if this was the cause of my problem...unfortunately i had other issues. Maybe ask your doctor about cervical spondylosis and treatment for it.
hope this helps.

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