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Ive had 2 back surgeries and now my neck is hurting.....
pen6971 posted:
History: At the young age of 20 I was dignosed with scoliosis, degenerative disk disease, stenosis, bone spurs, pinched nerves,ect.... My first back surgery I was 25 and they did a microdiscectomy of my L4-L5. That only lasted for a few months before my pain came back with a vengence. It got to the point where I had drop foot (left) and could not hardly walk, move without severe pain......My 2nd back surgery I was 27, they did a 2 level fusion with hardware 2 rods, 8 screws, 2 cages S1 up too L4 with rods extending further, i should have had 3 levels fused but they only did 2 and a lamenectomy, front and back.

Here it is 2010 and my neck / upper back from shoulder blades up to scull of my head started hurting. I have noticed my left arm tingling and if i hold both arms above my head both sides hurt and dont have the streangth in my hands and arms i used too. I have having extreme muscle tightening in my shoulders and around my neck. Muscle spasms and my neck is stiff and constantly wants to pop. Oh yeah and a lot more headaches from all the tension back there.

I just recently had x-rays of my neck but not upper back on 12/23/10 waiting results.

Those of you with neck problems or those that have had surgery does this sound familar?

Thank you

Penny 30 years old
levi00 responded:
can relate somewhat. im 35 yrs male and have never had anyhting medically wrong...until now. i had an immediate onset of extreme pain and tightness in my upper back and running up the back sides of my neck. this started 4 1/2 months ago. i had it treated with steriods, injections into my cervical vertabrae (in case it was arthritis), 1 month of physical therapy....none of which helped.
Within the past month, i have an mri of the cervical spine, an mri of the thoracic spine, at cat scan of my back, a newish procedure called a pet cat scan which scans the whole body, an ekg, an echocardiogram which is an ultrasound of the heart(im waiting on its results now), multiple x-rays, and multiple blood tests. Oh yeah, also a cta which is a cat scan of the heart and aorta (im waiting on its results now.
unlike you though, i have not noticed any loss of strenght. Nothing makes the pain stop though, ive tried hot packs, cold packs, sleeping on the floor, changing pillows, etc

My pain too is between the shoulder blades like yours and just feels so tight/tense with an extreme burning and throbbing sensation. it also sometimes feels like it is pushing through into my chest, hence the heart and vascular scans.

Have you received a diagnosis on your situation? Ive become very discouraged, as im sure you have as well, at the fact that even though with all these tests, they cannot find a cause for my pain.

Nikitarose responded:
I have not yet had surgery but every symptom except for the only occasional headache I have. But I feel my headaches are from the oxicodone, prednisone, and other meds they have me on. Recently I bent down to my bathroom sink to wash my face the other morning and I had such a reak of pain come over me and felt something let go in my back that I feel I passed out or was headed in that direction because when I let out a cry and my husband came running to my aid I couldn't figure out where I was for a second. I have been to 4 specialist, 4 different doctors, two pain clinics, and emergency rooms and they all do the same old routine of reflex check, poking at me, and watching me walk and none of them have giving me a plan for help, they only continue to give me drugs. For the last two days since this episode I have not been able to walk on my own and my hip feels broke or something in my back feels broke when I try to step on my left leg. I went to the ER and they did x-rays and did not find any broking bones. In the past I have had 1 ct scan, 2 mri, and many x-rays. I have been dealing with hip pain since age 21 and the chronic pain started about 4 years ago and I am now 42 yrs old. Spine specialist #4 was not able to find a pulse in my left leg or foot about 5 months ago. Since this incident the other day my left foot has been more white then the right in color. I am going to go see another spine specialist in two month from another clinic. Some days I just want to give up and never fight the pain anymore. I don't know what to do. People tell me not to have surgery and after reading your post I think more about what these people have said to me. BUT what else is there to do. I feel this episode I had the other day was triggered because I decided to return to work about 4 months ago and the labor caught up with me. I hope to hear from you because it makes it so much easier to talk to people who experience the same issues. I am on face book under . You take care and know I am thinking of you. Bless

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