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Should I be concerned?
lizzy9386 posted:
I am 24 and was a very active person with chronic right shoulder pain( I was a seamstress) when I was injured in Oct 2010 by a horse that struck me in my right shoulder. My shoulder was locked for two months, went to two different orthopedics's and currently have a Neuro that I go to. She had me get c spine and brachial plexus mri's that showed a bulged disc at the top of my neck, but then went on to say it wasn't a problem. Also had an emg done on my right arm due to severe tingling, burning, numbness, pretty much the whole deal and I take a hefty amount of Gabapentin everyday. She said that my plexus was still in tact but its been 4 months now and my pain is at the same level but now its including my neck and I feel completely in the dark because thats literally all the info she gave me. Should I be concerned that my neck pain is getting worse by the day? Should I go to my family doctor for this? I lost my health insurance and my Neuro alone is 400 a visit and I'm scared that I'll be stuck with this pain from here on out.
kaweist responded:
did u dislocate ur shoulder..? if you dislocate.. u will know right away ! cause i finally had to have major surgery..
cause if my shoulder dislocated.. i dropped to my feet..
in pain.. just i wish i would of known ahead of time that this surgery was going to leave me kinda handy cap..
cause i no longer can reach above my head..
But u might have either arthritis. or torn mussel or cart-lege damage . in my opinion but i am no dr..! it will heal in time.. just use hot moist water..and alternate with ice was what i was told to do..
lizzy9386 replied to kaweist's response:
Thanks, I ripped one of the five rotator cuff tendons( the one that attaches at the bottom of the scapula I believe) I can move my arm fine okay now and I did two months of PT right after I was injured, the PT said my shoulder locked to protect itself and was told to use ice. I saw two different shoulder specialists and neither one took me to seriously. I get the results of the EMG on the 10th. I definitely have a bulged disc in my neck and nerve damage in my shoulder( my shoulder was black for weeks). Should I see a different specialist for the disc problem though.. Is heat good for a bulged disc?

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