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Neck surgery -Anterior cervical spine surgery-C-5-C-6
yamatize posted:
I am considering the above procedure as the tingling down my arm increases and strength is decreasing-currently w/out nerve damage. Is this the best option? How to treat sore throat effect after procedure(especially if diabetic)?
How much success others have seen w/ this procedure in the 50 Age group?
martyc1963 responded:
well, hopefully you've made a decision by now. I went thru C5-C6-C7 surgery/fusion last year. I'm not quite 50 yet but near it. My decision to have the surgery came because my C5-C6 disk was fully herniated and the C6-C7 disk actually ruptured. Massive pain in left arm, nerve damage resulted but the surgery was a success. I couldn't drink some drinks for almost a year, my favorite is tea but it caused a lot of irritation, still does some but not as bad. Took approx a month and a half before I was allowed to lift anything over 5 lbs, didn't really have much problem with sore throat per se. The plate (or something) makes it feel like I have a lump in my throat all of the time, and at times I have to cock my head just so to ease the feeling. I have already been back on roller coasters, so I'm quite happy with the surgery. Only problem is the actual nerve damage, which seems minor compared to where I was, but it still a large cause of pain. If there is something you can do to prevent having nerve damage I recommend doing it. They make no promises on the healing/recovery of nerves.

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