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scrambled53 posted:
I'm hoping someone has some idea of what I'm experiencing.
When I bend over, vacuuming, shoveling, etc, I end up with alot of pain in the lower back which runs from the lower middle of my back and spreads out to the middle of either side of my lower back. the longer I am bent over the worse the pain gets. It ends up in my legs. I have to stop what I'm doing after about 5-10 minutes, and then stand straight, which is sore to do. Then the intense pain goes away once I am able to stand straight and residual pain lingers which an ibrupropen seems to help some.
I have not yet been to the doctor with this.
Thank you for any input.
JoreneH responded:
Hi, sorry to hear about your pain.

First though, think about your own back-pain for a second.

Do your back muscles hurt? If so, your pain is definitely caused to some degree by inflammation. To get rid of your pain you"01Fll have to first, get rid of the inflammation and second, get rid of any ongoing causes of

Do you feel a lot of nerve-pain? Things like, shooting lines of pain, burning, numbness, pinching tend to be nerve-pain. But guess what? Often the pressure and pinching of the nerve is because the surrounding tissue is inflamed and expanded!

That"01Fs why the study found soft-tissue inflammation in 80% of back-pain sufferers. Because even when your pain is caused by damage to nerves in your spine some of the pain you feel is a result of inflammation in the surrounding tissue.

To get lasting pain relief you need to address the things in your body causing your muscle-related pain and causing your nerve-related pain.

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