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Need Help for C2 Fracture
redhead_1972 posted:
In July, 2010, I fractured my C2 in a diving accident. I was sent home from the ER (after a neurospinal surgeon reviewed my CT scan) with a Phili Collar and told to see an Orthopedist on Monday. I was told by the Orthopedist that I had, in fact, fractured my C2 and that the part of the vertabra that extends out was fractured in 3 different pieces. I was told I was young and healthy, and that I would be in the collar for 6-12 weeks. I ended up in the collar for 14 weeks, then stepped down to a "soft" collar. I wore that for another 4 weeks. I had 2 CT scan since the accident and my ortho told me in January that it's still showing a fracture. He said that my body did not produce spurs, and he was not sure why the fracture had not healed. He said that my fracture was stable, though, and said I could stop wearing the collar. Nine months after my accident, I am still in considerable pain, and my doctor cannot tell me why the fracture hasn't healed. He essentially told me that I have two options: either live with the pain for the rest of my life, or have surgery (which he does NOT recommend). I am at a standstill, have no answers, and am frustrated. The mobility in my neck is limited and, if I overdo it, I am forced to the couch where I stay until I can move again.

Does anyone have a similar story and, if so, what did you do about it? Is there anything that can help? My ortho said even physical therapy would not help. I am currently taking three Tylenol 3 a day for the pain. It doesn't even come close to taking the pain away, but it does get me through the day without crying. My dr has recommended a stronger pain med, but I'm resistant as I work at a drug and alcohol facility and I've seen what those medications can do.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
Matakki responded:
I would suggest getting a new doctor. I just recently (back in Aug) broke my neck C2 fracture. The nurse was getting ready to send me home when the dr. on duty walked in and said I was going to be transported to a different hospital because of the neck injury. The dr. there put me in a halo and I'm still in it at least until Jan 24, 2012. It keeps the neck and head stable. People stare and make jokes but their stupid. Maybe the neck brace wasn't what you needed. I had a CT scan the other day and my neck is healing but not completely healed. I was told from the begining I would be in the halo for 3 to 6 months. I'm going on 5 months. I can't work but the best thing is that i don't have to sit at home on my dead end. Find a new doctor.Don't no where you live but try Tyler Texas . Tyler neurosurgical or try a neurologist where you live.
sweet_girl responded:
for my husband I've been giveing him messages and putting heat onthe back of his neck. He says it helps a lot because it lossens ups his muscles so if you can find someone to massage your neck at least 2-3 times a day it should start to feel better. I pray God fully heals you. I hope it works

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