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Scared to get cervial spinal injection. Please help
Anon_150206 posted:
I am scheduled to have a cervical spine injection for a pinched c7 nerve. I have several disc that are messed up and need a spinal fusion. I thought I would try the injection first, to try to put off the surgery. But when the doc told me the risk, stroke, or seizures if they hit a vein or artery. I am now scared. Has anyone had this procedure, was it successful? I am also scared of the procedure itself, having the needle stuck in my neck and spine while I am awake...I am questioning if it is worth going through the procedure.

Thanks in advance for anyone responding.
easyliv responded:
I have had 3 of these steriod inj. in my neck and never had any problem whatso ever. The risks are very small for any problems with this procedure. I would do it again if needed. these shots gave me temporary relief. I ended up having surgery & all is fine now
dani_6442 responded:
I have had a total of about 12 of these procedures done and like you I was nervous at first but I would definitely try that before surgery. The risks from surgery are so much greater than the injections its unreal. Not to scare u if u do have to have surgery but I have very rarely hear someone that was happy that they did it. I just had and RF done one week ago and although they injections helped very little I can tell at least a 50% improvement already. Even though Im still hurting from the dying nerves. Good Luck!
bear2zealand responded:
The injections are nothing compared to surgery. I Have had several lower injections in my spine, some worked well, and others did no do a thing. My latist were 2 Ryzotomies where they burn the nerves in my cervical spine, They worked almost right away. I was geting headaches along with the spinal pain, they called them occipital headaches. My nurologist would give me shots to the base of my skull, and they would help with the headaches but only lasted 2 to 3 days max. Then they did the Ryzotomies done C1-C2 and C2-C3, Those where done in March, and I have not had any of those symptoms again for now. My Pain Managment doctor has done the majority of my spinal injections by using flouroscope to make sure he is in the right spot. He also sedates me when he does this. I think they are no big deal. I think that some insurance companies make these doctors go through the loops before they can do a certain procedure, You will most likely do just fine. Since the doctor that does mine, wants a driver with me when I go because he sedates me with mine. My boyfriend had on done recently and was given no sedation, but they still wanted a driver for him.

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