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Spinal Hip Fusion and neck pain
evollema posted:
I had spinal hip fusion about 10 years ago for 43 degree curve, scoliosis. Since the surgery, I have been experiencing neck and back ppain between my shoulder blades that often moves down to my lower bback and to the base of my head. The pain at the base of my head seems to hit a nerve that makes me sound, pitch, and light sensitive. I have noticed that my very worst episode lasted 2-3 months, and it wasnt until I received pain meds and muscle relaxants that I realized how bad the pain had been. Now I manage the pain early on, and the episodes are less painful, but the associated nausea forces me to take time off work. (I also take Phenergan for that). Now, at my worse, I experience all of the above symptoms for 1 or 2 days at a time, but when I get SO severely cramped I can barely move, it is muscle relaxant, Ibuprofen, and phnergan for relief. I have always assumed it is from the surgery and the fact that my back muscles were cut open that they don't work as well, and so cause the severe cramping. (No doctor has ever confirmed this, I just assumed). I have had both Xrays and MRI since the surgery (just this last fall, 2010); and both showed nothing abnormal- my back, per the doctors, was just fine other than some inflammation in my spine near my neck.

My questions are, then:
1. Is this normal
2. could it be related to my surgery (I never had this pain BEFORE surgery)
any advice would be great!!

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