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Neck/Shoulder/Left Arm pain
SarahM92 posted:
I've had problems with my left shoulder since a car accident that wasn't my fault, and I have been to over a dozen doctors since this accident.

The next day following the accident, I visited my local ER. The x-rayed my neck, and prescribed me muscle relaxers and ibuprofen. They told me I was just sore from the impact and should be fine by Monday, if not I should follow up with an ortho-surgeon, or my family doctor. (my accident happened on a thurs, fri was the ER visit.)

Monday when I woke up, I was in 10x more pain and the pain localized into my left shoulder and neck.

The pain starts in my neck, radiates out through my collar bone, goes into the side of my shoulder (closer to my spine), it goes into my left side, down my left arm into the inside of my elbow, straight to my hand in the side of the palm and into my ring finger and pinky finger. There's also numbness and tingling, and the sensations in my shoulder, arm, and hand have become strangely painful.

The pain is so severe sometimes I can not move my arm and it feels heavy and broken. My hand and arm also swell to be twice to 3x the size of my right hand. I also have tremors in the ring and pinky fingers. They shake slightly when my hand is closed slightly into a fist, and they get more severe as I try and stretch my hand opened. The nerve pain starts when I try to open my hand all the way.

I visited my family doctor, where they told me that they just thought that I just strained muscles in my shoulder, and that I should be okay by the following week. They told me if I wasn't to call them back, and they'd x-ray my spine.

I was still in pain by then, so I called and the x-rayed my entire spine. They said their findings were normal. But I still persisted as my pain got worse. I was then sent for MRI's of my upper spine (for my shoulder, to check for pinched nerves).

I was then referred to a neurologist, that suggested I get a Nerve conduction study (EMG) done on my left shoulder. I did so, and they told me immediately after that it was normal.

I also went physical therapy, and a pain management group to find an answer for my pains. (I also injured my lower back in the accident.) Then my family doctor told me that they would no longer coordinate my care, and that I would have to follow-up with the pain management facility if I wanted help for my ailments. So I did.

Since then, I went to Physical Therapy, and had to stop where-as the doctor told me it was making my shoulder worse. I also went to a chiropractor, and then stopped because the insurance wouldn't pay them. The pain management group also referred me to another neurologist to get a second EMG done on my left arm.

I did so, and again the findings were normal on my shoulder. I've complained over and over again to the doctors about the pain in my neck, collar bone, shoulder, arm, and hand. They've all told me that the muscle was just damaged and swollen and that the muscle was swollen and pressing on nerves.

I finally talked the P.A. at Pain MGMT. to get an MRI done of my left shoulder. When they sent the request to my insurance company they denied it. I went back to Pain MGMT. this past week, and they decided to order an x-ray of my left shoulder to see if they see anything, and for the insurance to approve the MRI. My questions are; Do you think the MRI will show if there is any damage?
Is there chance that they'd conclude their findings to be normal again?
What do these symptoms I'm having point too?
and lastly, Does the problem sound like it may need surgery to correct? Thanks, -Sarah

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