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Cervical Chronic Disc Osteophyte?
bear2zealand posted:
Several years ago I had L4-L5 and L5-S1 Lumbar Laminectomies for 2 ruptured discs. I also have Lupus. Anyway, lately I have been having more pain in my neck. Back in March, I had Ryzotomies done C1-C2 and C2-C3. Now my neck pain is back and it is affecting my left arm as well. I have weakness in that arm, with pain down the upper arm, from my shoulder to my elbow that feels like the sciatic pain I get in my legs. I had an MRI this past week, which there was no herniation!! But, it showed "chronic disc osteophyte complex with lower T2 signal relecting greater desiccation and posibly calcification".
Now I know I have arthritis most likely throughout my back, but I am wondering about this area in my neck. It is at C5-C6. I don't know if aother Ryzotomy would help this, or if I would need something more invasive to take care of the pain. The arm problem is what bothers me the most as I drop things all the time with that hand and have a hard time lifting the arm. I have been to physical therapy for it, and actually that is when I started having the arm weakness. My orthopedic surgeon is waiting to see what someone is going to do with it because he is going to do a trigger finger release of my right thumb around the same time because I would need to go on Lovenox before his procedure because I am on Coumadin for past blood clots. Is this something that could get better, and then worse, and I could just deal with it for now?

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