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READY TO SCREAM; diagnosed but not diagnosed
easybreezey posted:
Hi, so appreciate some feedback from this group!

I'm 53 yo female with 3 yrs of chronic nerve and muscle neck pain from mild stenosis. About 6 weks ago, my knots got much worse and decided to try PT for 3rd time (previous times did no good and irritated my muscles). About 2-1/2 weeks into it, I suddenly got numb in my upper chest area extending up my neck and behind my right ear. Two days later I really couldn't lift my arm past shoulder height. Saw my ortho who order MRI of cervical and shoulder, plus EMG. The later results showed beginnings of acute denervation of C 5/6 in deltoid and scapular muscles, primarily on right . MRI showed small ruptured discs in C 3/4 and 5/6-no cord involvement. Had significant "almost complete" tear in rotary cuff with an actual puncture in cuff leading to fluid being found on top of clavicle.

Ortho said the cervical MRI did not show enough pathology to account for my level of weakness and sent me to a shoulder doc plus a vascular surgeon to rule out thoracic outlet. Both docs said everything pointed to the C 5/6 pathology. I'm due to see the ortho again on Friday but am concerned that he'll refer me out again as he made his opinion clear when I reviewed my study results with him.

The numbness is still there and realized it's on my upper shoulder muscles as well--had one more PT session and was grossed out by her massaging muscles that felt numb. My arm/shoulder weakness has gotten a bit better but the deep knots by my scapula are so intense they make my legs shake when I touch them.

Does anyone here have an MRI that doesn't show significant pathology, yet have motor weakness confirmed by EMG? Or anyone who can send some light on this picture? I'm so frustrated I'm ready to scream This whole thing started the beginning of August. I can't do anything strenuous with my right and dread even washing my hair. Even a quart of juice is hard to pick up. What should I do?

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