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feelin bad
dover432 posted:
  • im in constant pain. L5 and 6 were fused almost a yr ago now and ive never been in so much pain in my 38 yrs old. my kids r and 21. thank god i dont have little ones to tend to. my fusion was succesful so the dr. basically acts as if im full of crap when it comes to the pain. i hate to go to sleep. when i wake in the am im in so much pain it takes hours to feel better. im only afforded a sm amount of pain meds. its not wrking and im at a loss for a resolution.*
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    larryotto responded:
    I feel for you, Had Harrington rods put in after unsuccessful Fusions. From my neck to upper Lumbar. Have to admit, pain dropped from unbereable (9) to A constant (7). With proper Meds and being extremely cautious of doing anything I shouldn't do. I can squeak by. Have hurt myself many times. Could be laid up from a day to several weeks 3 or 4. The surgery was in 1994. Now I have all kinds of issues, to many to write down. However, I got a good 10 to 15 years of relief. Now things are getting bad. Just got my electric Wheel chair, Love it. I can go places I wouldn't try before. I wish you all the luck, Hope things go good 4 you.

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