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Muscle Knots: An ACTUAL Long-Term Fix...under $50
runescapeomfg posted:
I've had problems with muscle knots for a few years now, and have been continuously experimenting with solutions. The chiropractor failed, regular massages relieved them temporarily, but they always come back very quick.

The solutions I've seen:
-hot shower
-hot pack/cold pack
-tennis ball against the wall

The appealing alternative to a deep tissue massage:

Cupping. You can purchase a set of rubber massage therapy cups on eBay for around $40. You stick them onto your knots, and it pulls the stagnant blood to the surface of your skin.

The problem is, flushing the stagnant blood. You're supposed to drink a lot of water after doing this, to flush the toxins. Water does work, but it certainly doesn't even come close to getting all of the toxins out.

I decided to try an experiment. I bought a 'lancing device' (for blood sugar testing) at Walmart for around $5. Also some test strips for a good supply of clean needles, for around $3.

I used the device to puncture the skin, precisely on the pressure point of one of my knots. Then, I stuck a cup on there. I could feel the itching/tingling sensation of blood being pulled out, slightly different than just having a cup on.

Around 20 minutes later, I pulled the cup off. Full of blood. I, of course, wanted to examine it. Pouring it out into my hands over the sink, I discovered thick chunks of blood. The blood was of all sorts of consistencies; thick goo-like chunks, some foamy and brighter red, and even some white.

The knot felt so much more at ease. I continued this for all the knots on my back and neck. Have never felt better, and no need for constant use of the cups like before.

I'd definitely recommend this, just use common sense with the needles. Doesn't hurt at all, by the way. These things are made for drawing very small amounts of blood from the fingertip.

Magnesium is another thing. Take Mg supplements. It will allow your tensed up muscles to relax.
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