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Medial branch neurotomy?
Brycesmom0708 posted:
Has anyone had this procedure done? This might be what's considered a nerve block, but I'm not sure.

I went back to PM today thinking I was getting another injection, but he said since the previous ones haven't really helped all that much then he didn't see the need in continuing to repeat them. The facet join injection didn't help at all, so he said there was no need in doing that one again. And I've had 3 nerve injections, and he said the nerve is as good as it's going to get so there wasn't really any need in repeating those anymore either. He said he wants to give the PT a chance to see if it's going to help or not, and if not, then he wants to try this neurotomy procedure. He said it's where they burn the nerve to stop the pain signals. As he put it, I'll still have the pain, I just won't know it. He said it basically just numbs the back. He said there is a test he will do first to see if the permanent procedure will help. If the test procedure doesn't give me enough relief, then he won't do the permanent one.

Anyway, I don't know if this is what I've heard some of you refer to as a nerve block or not. Just wondering if anyone has had it done. I guess if anyone has and it has helped, then they probably aren't on this board anymore, but I'm just curious about it.
SharMaui responded:
Hi Bryces Mom, I haven't had one but I know others here have. Here is a site that explains what it is. When is it scheduled? I sure hope it works for you. Let us know.

Aloha Shar
Brycesmom0708 responded:
Thanks Shar. That article pretty much says what the little brochure he gave me says. Sounds kinda like the same procedure as the epidural injections, which usually aren't painful for me thanks to the sedation, so hopefully this won't be either. It's not scheduled yet. He wants to give PT a little more time to see if it's going to help, and if it doesn't, then he'll schedule the procedure. He didn't say how much longer though. I'm in the third week of it now. I'm about ready to do anything to get rid of the pain.

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