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Stand-Up MRI vs Regular MRI
Trymester posted:
Which is safer? Which is more accurate? What are other differences between them? Thanks. I Would really appreciate it.
maltlover responded:
The stand up MRI is rather new and there is some controversy about its accuracy. In this kind of MRI you are filmed standing up, sitting down, and bending forward and backward a bit which allows a better picture of your spine in different positions. But I have read that some doctors don't trust the pictures from them as much as from the standard MRI. Don't know if that is because they don't want to have to purchase all new equipment (the hospitals, I mean) or if it is a genuine concern. At any rate, I don't think they are available in a lot of places. I have to say that if I had the opportunity to have one done that way, I would do it.

Porter1971 responded:
Never had one done but wish I could of. If my understanding is of it is correct the advantage to the stand up MRI is when they have you bend and such if your condition is positional they will be able to see it where as with the flat MRI everything may look normal in a resting position. It's just one of them things that is new to the world and the one thing every one seems to hate is change. Obviously the disadvantage to it would be that MRI's are suppose to show detail and if you are standing up your are less likely to be steady and may cause a blur to the picture and something could get missed. Well I am sure most if not of all of us have had an MRI where something got missed anyway so clearly nothing is 100% anyway. My personal opinion is that some doctors get in to these things way to far and depend on them to make their diagnosis. Instead they should be using them as a tool. There are so many options out there and all we get to hear is that the MRI says there is nothing wrong with you. Now as far as which is actually safer I couldn't tell you since I havent been in one. Until I actually seen it I would definately have some concerns about the standing one as far as moving parts go, but that would be simply because I know what the flat one does and the other one is unfamiliar. In this lawsuit happy day I can't imagine them sticking a machine out there thats going to cut your fingers off, LOL. Anyhow I would say if you have the chance to take a stand-up one try it out, you can always go back to the flat one for a second opinion if need be. Its not like they hurt,lol. If you do go for it please let us know how it goes and what it's like.
Porter1971 responded:
Found this as well
Trymester responded:
"Anyhow I would say if you have the chance to take a stand-up one try it out, you can always go back to the flat one for a second opinion if need be. "

This is not true. This will be my first ever MRI and it's been HELL trying to get a doctor to send me for it. I don't know if I'll be sent for any more MRI after this, so I'm trying to make the best possible choice for me. If any of you live in New York, please let me know. Thanks.
orangetabby responded:
Hi try,

I am pretty sure that you do not get to choose the type MRI machine you want or what is to be included in that MRI. The doctor will specify on your order for an MRI (or any test for that matter) what he/she wants done. Then you go for whatever is requested by your doctor. They doc will specify open or closed or standing or whatever he/she wants you to have done. The doctor will specify what area to be done, etc.

What has your doctor written on your orders?

Trymester responded:
Hello all,

My doctor just chose MRI on a form for a specific laboratory. That laboratory didn't even have the option for a Stand-Up MRI. Previously however, the doctor has specified an exam on 1 Lab's form, and I've gone to a different lab to get the test done with no problem. If I walk into a place with Stand-Up MRI available, and they say all I need is a paper showing I need an MRI, then I will be able to provide it.

Here is what's going on. If I wait on my regular doctors, I'll be put through different meds, and different tests, etc., etc., etc. AND I won't be given an MRI until at least a year later. I know how the ststem works.Doctors, are my number 1 resource, but I know that if I want real answers I have to be proactive and figure this out on my own. I am not some high-paid athlete, so my concerns won't be seen as a priority.

I'm even seeing a Dr. now whose online reviews are all horrible. And the truth is that he's a bad doctor working in a cheap little office. Yet, if he is willing to send me for tests that other docs. have no reasonable reason not to send me for, then he is a good doctor for me.

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