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    Lower back pain when sitting
    nrpvd posted:
    I've had this problem on and off for a few years, but it just came back recently, and its worse than in the past.

    Anytime in sit down I seem to immediately get a shooting pain in my lower back that sometimes extends to my thighs and legs that gets worse the longer I sit.. I don't feel the pain at all if I'm standing (even for extended periods of time). I was told I needed to excercise the muscles in my lower back, which I do every day and seems to help temporarily, but anytime I sit down the pain returns. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    bj1208 responded:
    hi noah - welcome to the board - sorry you are having problems -

    first- do you remember any type of injury to the lower back??? even if it happened quite a few years ago -

    2) is there a particular way you are sitting that causes the pains to be worse? 3) do you have any numbness/tingling in your thighs and legs when you sitt?? 4) does this happen when you lay down at night???

    there could be a number of things that could be causing this. At this point, I would stop doing the exercises.

    Make an appointment with your primary care physician - be sure to describe all the symptoms and when it happens and when it does not happen focusing on the pains in your thighs and legs. Discuss with your PCP (primary care doc) and ask for an x-ray (to start out with) - if that shows all is good then see if an MRI can be done - this will show in detail any problems in your discs and possible the nerve roots going into your legs. Once the MRI is done have your PCP refer you to a neurosurgeon or a orthopedic spine specialist (not saying you need surgery - but they are the best at reading the films).

    from what you are describing it almost sounds like you have a pinched nerve - there are several things that can cause this - it's better to get the test results done to determine what the cause is and what treatments need to be done.

    please keep us updated as to what happens - take care - joy
    PuggyQC responded:
    Hi and welcome to the board if your new! I'm not here very often so everyone is basically new to me. I'm so sorry your having pain. The most important thing is to get a diagnosis because many things could cause this problem. I totally agree with Joys advise to see your Doctor. Because of your symptoms being very clear, I would think your diagnosis would be easy for your Dr. to make, because your back pain is very localized. Because your pain goes away when you stand points to nerves being impinged, but I'm not a doctor. All of us on the board are hear to listen to you, and we know and feel your pain. Please see your Dr. asap and let us know what you find out. Puggy
    nrpvd responded:
    Thanks for the replies!

    I haven't had an injury to my back that I know of that may have caused this problem. I don't feel any pain in my lower legs, but sometimes there is a shooting pain that goes through my thighs (this usually happens after sitting for for quite a while).

    I used to sit hunched over in front of a computer for literally hours every day, which I'm sure has somehow contributes to the pain I have now. When I sit now, I try to with my back upright; this makes things feel a little better, but the pain inevitably returns. I don't feel much pain when lying down or sleeping, but I do feel it when getting up in the morning.
    sattani responded:
    I am also facing this problem since last 3 months. I had done with x-ray and MRI and both test didn't reveal any issue with disc or spine... I have also taking numerous pain killer & muscle relaxant. But all temporary work. But when i sit, Pain start. Now its become chronic. ON coming friday (feb 19 2010) i am going for Epidural steroid injection on my lower back. Hope this will resolve my issue.

    Could any one suggest that why i am feeling this pain while sitting, as MRI and X-ray didn't reveal any issue.

    Please comments on this.

    bj1208 responded:
    hi and welcome to the board -

    it's hard to try to pinpoint pain when the x-ray and MRI do not show anything -

    you didnot explain exactly where are u feeling the pain - lower back - mid back - are u feeling any numbness in legs/arms??

    there has to be a point of origin as they are going to do epidural shots - did they say where they are doing to do these??

    if you would let us know a little more - do u remember hurting ur back - overdoing it with cleaning/exercising etc., do u sit properly in a chair? could it be caused by the way u are sitting? most people really don't know the proper way to sit - especially if they have a desk position.

    please let us know - just start a new discussion so this doesnt get lost in shuffle - Joy
    sattani replied to bj1208's response:
    Thanks for your response,

    Well i am feeling pain on lower part of my back (when i sit for more than 5 mins) and if i sit to long then pain travel till my upper back in the muscular part on right & left & some times in the middle part of spine), By the grace of God i hvn't feel any numbness in my legs or Arm,

    Well since my childhood i am playing cricket at professional level, Now i am 27 Year old, i don't remember when i hurted my back, But to be very honest i had a habit to sit with a wrong posture, and i remember that in last november when i was sitting on my computer chair with spreading leg on my computer trolly and when i got up from my chair i felt a bit of pain on lower part of my back and then that pain went away in a minutes, but after several episodes of this short pain now it became my life partner .

    As far as epidural dose is concerned, actually it was impossible to do lower back strengthening exercise with that dying pain, so neurosurgeon suggested my epidural injection, well its being now 15 days & after epidural i m not feeling cosiderable change, but atleast i can do back exercises with command as per physiotherapist instruction but when i sit i still feel some pain,

    Please share your precious thoughts.

    Sohail Sattani
    sattani replied to bj1208's response:
    One more thing i would like to add that after that pain inception i have corrected my posture, but its a bit late, As i have a sitting job as i am working in Software company in HR Department.

    I think this additional information will help you more to consider my case.

    I am waiting for your reply.

    Sohail Sattani
    marilynk2 replied to sattani's response:

    Try to find one of the cushions to use when you sit that are made for people with back pain. they are a wedge with a cut-out in the back so the sacrum is not pressing on anything. There are also lumbar back rests to put behind you to help you keep corrct posture.

    I deal with sacral-iliac joint dysunction as well as lumbar problems and have had all types of spinal injections. Make sure to have your vitamin D level checked.

    charl1942 replied to sattani's response:
    I came in on the discussion just now. It seems there are two people with the problem sitting here. Noah and Sattani.

    I have the problem also. I have not long ago posted the problems. I know I have degenerative disc desease, arthiritis, SI dysfuntion. My discs at the lumbar (low Spine) has pretty much crushed ( two of them) where pressure is mostly midline spine, but also to the left side into the hip area. I have been treating for about 3 years now, with every test imaginable to detemine the cause as well as treat it. I have had injections in various places at various times for pain relief as well as for diagnostic purposes. I tried Physical Therapy, water therapy, as well as the injections. Nothing has helped. Consequently, I am on medication to control the pain. I was RX'd today water therapy again which has been the only thing that helped at all. I treated with a very good ortho spine specialist, a couple of pain management docs, as well as a neurologist. The neurologist controls my pain meds, but after seeing a Neurosurgeon recently (for a second opinion) I was told surgery would not be of benefit to me. That left me one more choice. That was to have a spinal cord stimulator installed. I discussed that with pain mgmt yesterday. He said I was not a candidate for the stimulator, because it was mostly to treat hip and leg pain. I have no other choice, but to be on meds the rest of my life with no other intervention. One must do what one must do. The meds only partially control my pain. I do have pain even walking after a while (not nearly as bad as sitting) and when I lie down to sleep at night the only way I can lie down is on my right side. I am in so much pain until the muscles let me relax enough to let me sleep.

    My problems all started from slip and falls and trip and falls over a two year period. Klutz maybe?

    I would love for you to respond and let me know you got this post. I haven't used it since the new system.

    sattani replied to marilynk2's response:
    Thanks Marilynk,

    I am using cushion while sitting on a chair, also i took vitamin D test as per your advise, and Its normal.
    Yesterday neurosurgeon advised my to avoid such activities which increase the pain so my body will automatically start healing.
    My Question is that when my all reports are clear so why the pain has become chronic, I also did some internet research on Low back pain and 95% of Orthopaedic and Neurosurgeon revealed that muscular pain not last for more that 6 Week, so i am sure that my pain in not muscular.

    Your precious suggestion will so helpful.

    Sohail Sattani
    BrenBren30813 replied to sattani's response:
    sattani and nrpvd,

    Pain while sitting for extended periods of time, even in the lower back, can stem from pressure in your buttock and more specifically, your piriformis muscle. Does your buttock get really tight very deep when you get this low back pain?? I have had this issue for 4 years now, and it is also a part of a whole other host of problems: SI joint dysfunction, pudendal neuralgia, pelvic instability, shooting pain from my sacrum at times, and the worst part, is the constant burning in my thigh/groin area.

    Even if you are sitting on a cushion, your muscles put pressure on everything. For most people, the piriformis muscle is directly above the sciatic nerve; but for some people, the nerve runs through the muscle itself. Even if you think you have no prior injury, the muscle can just react from sitting for too long, then subsequent physical activity with the absence of proper stretching can contribute to this condition.

    I'm pretty sure you both have muscles/nerves involved in your cases - I wouldn't rule this out just yet. Also, the doc can do a simple piriformis test on you to see if this is the cause; because this would not show up on an MRI or X-ray, due to the fact it's one of those issues where you have pain while sitting and the pressure is culprit. If you do have a disc issue in your lumbar spine (for example, a slight bulge at L5 S1), this pain would be present as well; but if it's not there then look at other possibilities. Google "piriformis syndrome" and see if the symptoms describe what you are going through. Unfortunately you have to be your own advocate and research and demand answers from your doc, because nobody deserves to deal with unexplainable chronic pain - BEEN THERE

    I hope this has given you both some ideas. Good luck, it's a long road when it comes to these symptoms, because you HAVE to sit at some point. Luckily there are many PT's out there that can help - and also traction could help to decompress (but don't do that unless your doc approves). Please be conservative with the steroid injections. Research shows that if you get one and it fails, then most likely future attempts are moot. Plus if you have too many, it's a possibility you can develop scar tissue, then eventually impingement. You don't want to try and correct pain, then be in more pain as a result...

    Have a great day! - B
    An_189473 replied to charl1942's response:
    I tried to report this post, but I got an error message that a time-out occurred when trying to access this page. I hope a moderator sees this soon.

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