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Degenerative disc and hip pain
JY997 posted:
Hello, I have had hip pain and sciatica for 3 years. I had surgery for herniated disc L-5 in 2006, it was removed. The hip pain never went away and the back and leg pain was back 2 months later. I found out in 2009 that L-4 and L-6 are now herniated, which I had different shots including epiderial with the last one giving about 50% relieve to the sciatica and 25%. The doctors give me the run around on the hip pain saying they donot know whats wrong with my hip, I think it is related. By the way last epideral was 4 months ago and they can't give me another for awhile. Does anyone have the hip pain too,it feels like something is stabbing into the top of my hip bone? I am changing doctors new one is on friday . Any info would be helpful
JY997 responded:
Oops, 25% improvement on the hip pain
Dot40324 responded:
Hi and welcome. So sorry you are still having this pain. I am going to post a couple sites that you might find interesting. One of them talks about sciatic pain, what causes it, etc. The other one shows what discs effect different areas of the body. This is a chiropractic site and I am definitely not recommending this treatment for your pain but it has the best diagram to show you.

Since you have more herniated discs it is most likely a pinched nerve causing your hip pain.

I have a lot of pain in what I call the "dimples" of my lower back/upper butt area. I am glad you are getting a 2nd opinion. Wish I could help more. Please let us know what you find out......Dot
bj1208 responded:
Hi JY997 - welcome to the board - the sites that Dot gave you are very informative -

you indicated you had surgery in 2006 and that your disc was removed - do you have a plate, screws and cage??? I had fusion surgery in 2/2008 - my L5-S1 was removed and a plate, screws and cage were put in place

too have hip pain in both hips - which started about 4 months ago - my PM doc thought I had bursitis and gave me shots in each one - it helped the right one a lot but not much on the left one - After looking at the sites that Dot gave, I'm wondering if I have something going on in the sacrum area -

i'm wondering now if the fusion surgery along with the plate is causing this. I do have an appt with an orthopedic surgeon on 1/20 in the morning with a follow-up with my PM in the afternoon. i will ask this and see what response i get -

take care - Joy
JY997 responded:

My pain started about 4 or 5 years ago( thats when it was on and off pain) until it became constant 3 yrs. ago. A doctor was treating me for bursitis, at the time it helped a little but not much. Now it is constant and my doctors say it was never bursitis, be careful!!
JY997 responded:
Thank you so much about the site info. You told me more info then 7 doctors and 1 physical therapist could. I can't wait to talk to the new doctor on friday. Thank you so much, Michelle
bj1208 responded:
Hey JY997 - thanks for the insight - i will be careful and will bring this up on my next appt - i see an orthopedic surgeon on 1/20 at 11am and then a follow-up with my PM doc at 1 - there are in the same office just separate sections (one is for the surgeons which is different company name and the other is for PM)

my pains are getting worse in my hips/legs - getting numbness in the left leg on the top part - from the top of the toes to just below the knee cap - not the bottom - and now on the right leg on the inner side from just below the knee cap to the ankle bone - so it is weird - just glad i have both appts - my pain meds are not even touching the pains (60mg of ms contin 3Xdaily; 15mg of oxycodone every 4 hours and {was on 3600mg of neurontin daily but not doing anything} so now taking 1800 mg of neurontin) - trying to ween self off neuronton cause of too many side effects - mainly the drowsy, blurred vision and dizziness - so have lots to discuss with both doc's

take care - and thanks again! - Joy
PapabearJay responded:
Hi Jy997,

Just wanted to Welcome you to the Board. You'll find the nicest people over here. I try and get on every day, but with my back pain and the numbness in both of my hands i can't at times. What Dot and Joy told you is true and should help you. we can't diagnose you only a doctor can. we can tell you our experience and try to help you and steer you to the right doc to see.

Agirl17 responded:
Sorry for your pain, and I can say I feel for you, cause I am right there also. Alot like what you explain, I first had a c-fusion in 3-2006 @ 5-6 and then in 8-2006 I had a lamisectomney on L-5. Um, I forgot to explain a very inportant part, in 2006 I was 25 years old! I was told I had spinal stenosis and arthritisis. My docot told me that my fusion would more than likley last 10 years and then I would prob need another. I was ok with that for as much pain I was in, with it going down my arm and causing numbness. My doctor did not give me any other options on my c-spine other than surgery, but with my lumber, injections and nerve blocks were tried before surgery with lilttle to no relief. Approx 6-8 months after these surgeries the pain gradgually began to come back, and is now worse than it was to begin with. I am 29 years old, I have a bulging disc @ c-7 due to adject level disease, spinal stenosis with a canal of 7mm, DD at L4-5 and L5-S1, and Central disc herniation @ L4-5. I now have Fibro that I never had before, bladder issuses of not being able to urinate (had testing that shows decreased senstaion and two surgies)......Now the spinal doc just keeps on as if he does not want to see me in his office unless I am ready to be operated on!!!

But the most annoying this is I have applied for SSD and am at the hearing stage and have read some of the spinal docs notes and he contridics himself in the notes, and even in one note stating he does not understand where my hip, leg, and pelvic pain is coming from!!! HELLO!!! But yes I did not mean to get off on a soap box, My hip feels as if someone is drilling into it, it raidiates into my back, down the back of my left leg, and into my knee, now after having the most recent ESI the pain often gies to my ankle.

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