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Neck Pain--won't go away
sevenwords posted:
Hi I am a 27 yr old man, about to turn 28 and I have problems with my neck. I was rear ended by a truck doing about 60mph in late 2006 and went to the Kaiser for treatment, I think they said I had some tight muscles in my neck or something to that degree....they prescribed motrin and a muscle relaxer with 2 days off work and sent me home. My neck was very stiff for about a week and then gradually it got better for the most part..there would be days it hurt, maybe because I slept on it wrong or something. Then in the summer of 2008, I was on a boat with a friend, he was driving and we were going Id say about 25-35 mph and we hit a huge chop in the water and his hand simultaneously came off the wheel and the boat came to a dead stop within about a half a second.. I was in the passenger front seat and the seat ripped off the floor board and I was thrown into him at a sideways angle. Since that weekend in 2008 there has not been a day that I can remember that I have not felt pain-sometimes severe- in the same area as the previous injury. It is on the right side of my neck/spine (i have to reach behind my right shoulder to point to it) and radiates from the top vertabrae at about C5 to probably around T1..Sometimes it is excruciating and sends a burning or sometimes tingling pain next to and underneath my right shoulder blade. When I had a doctor look at it after the rear end accident, they did an x-ray and could not find anything wrong. Today it hurts pretty badly and I can not turn my head more than 2/3 of its normal range to the right. I do not have insurance and I am not sure what to do but this is a daily thing and I need some advice. Thank you in advance.
Chetfan responded:
Just wondering, do you have a county board of health there. The do a lot for people here with no insurance or job..


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