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Scapular pain on left side
btdawghone posted:
Scapular pain and a pain from front lower left ribs that will feel like an ice pick stuck me. Little lumps that are tender on the ribs at the point of pain. Not related to breast at all. C scan marked the spots that are tender and nothing showed up. Is ths one of those things I need a shot of steroids in the spot and if so how do I find a doctor who will do it? I need someone who is interested in finding the cause of this mystery pain that comes and goes for no reason. One doctor said left scapular area is very tight. My left arm does not function at 100% and some things it refuses to do.
bj1208 responded:
hi btdawghone - you do have something strange going on -

what i would do is go to your regular doctor and ask what type of doctor you should go to - you may be referred to a pain management specialist who can give proper treatments including steroid shots if needed. Most insurance co's need a referral from your primary care doc before they can process/pay claims - so please start in this area - you should be referred to the best specialist that can help you.

take care - Joy
MagPrincess replied to bj1208's response:
I have a similar issue with my scapula's

I don't have the tender points on the ribs though.

I have found heat, muscle relaxer and a combo of massage and chiropractic treatment has helped the most.
Joe Minchew, MD responded:

Pain around the scapula can be referred pain from the neck, specifically referred pain from pressure on a nerve in the neck. If you also have pain running or radiating down the arm, this can be another symptom of nerve compression or irritation from the neck. Pain around the rib cage can be related to pressure on a nerve in the midback or thoracic area. I would agree that it would be prudent to discuss these symptoms with your primary physician. Your PCP can help sort out whether an evaluation by a spine specialist, shoulder specialist or other physician would be appropriate.

Good Luck!

MagPrincess replied to Joe Minchew, MD's response:
Dr. Joe

This is intresting to me. I have two bulging discs in my Cervical spine at C6 and C7.
I never made the connection to my spine and my right scapula laying flat until I saw a massage therapist which is also what instigated the MRI of my Spine.

However what is really intresting is that the chiropractor adjust an area by my clavical on the front and the numb tingly sensation down my right arm have completely stopped.

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