I'm leaking spinal fluid within my closed incision...
sacred_willow posted:
Hi, everyone. This is my first time posting anything on here. I've been reading through a lot of discussions & I'd like you guys take on my situation, please....
On Jan. 28th of this year, I had lower back surgery for a herniated disc that had ruptured. About a week after, my incision opened & I started to leak spinal fluid... my incision opened further as time passed. I will add that I informed my surgeon, even went in to show them & thought they's stitch it up, but no.. since it had opened completely, he sent me to wound care for them to tend, culture & pack. They basically refused & did a CT scan w/contrast & determined I had a pocket of CSF & also... MRSA. So, off to a 2nd surgery & I went back to the surgeon. This was 1 month & 4 days later, to "fix" the pocket & "clean up" the MRSA. Everything was great until the 2nd week after this surgery started, (which was last week) started, where I developed a cyst like "hill" on my back at the top of my now- fairly healed incision. Outside looks great but I am in severe pain down my back, buttocks, legs, & feet. I feel a burning sensation within my incision... also I can feel the CSF dripping inside... or something just like it. It feels like it did, trickling, when it was opened! So, I went in, he drained the fluid off by way of a tap last Wednesday & sent it off to be cultured again. They (his office), has been closed since then, I called this morning & will be in the office after lunch for the same thing I assume, to have it drained... it was horribly painful & I'm not thrilled at all!

Anyone have any insight as to what I need to demand of this doctor to FIX my back? I am am mother of 2 small boys, one with Autism (age 6) & my eldest with severe ADHD (age . My husband has taken over everything to help me, over 5 months now of issues straight with my back! I wouldn't be able to cope without him, I am BLESSED! I need this resolved! Anyone have any advice or experience with these issues or something like it?

Please.... thank you & bless you
bj1208 responded:
hi sacred_willow - welcome to the board - I am so sorry that you are having to go through this -

I'm gonna give you the best answer as possible - GET A 2ND OPINION ASAP!!!! YOU EMPLOYEE THE DOCTOR SO IT IS YOUR CHOICE OF WHAT TO DO - go see your primary care physician and let him/her know what has been going on and that you want to get a 2nd opinion of your after surgery care - your primary care doc will help you get one -

Please, Please do this as soon as possible - be sure to take all your files/films/x-rays - and hospital reports etc., the 2nd opinion doc may do his/her own tests but will want to review the other ones.

To answer your question regarding the sensations in your buttocks/legs etc., this may be from a pinched nerve PRIOR to your back surgery - Did you have a bulging disc that was pressing on a nerve root??? If so, sometimes back surgery will stir up things and make certain areas hurt worse than before surgery - this could be a healing process for it - sometimes if nerve roots are damaged before surgery and CAN be repaired by the surgery it could take a few months to a year for this to calm down. NOW that is not to say 100% that this is it - but what u describe sounds very similar to it - the 2nd opinion surgeon will confirm this.

I hope and pray that you can get the answers and pain relief that you DESERVE - Please, please keep us updated as to what happens - God Bless - Joy