Pain at upper butt
An_189541 posted:
I have continuous pain at upper butt (side) for more than 1 year. What could be the reason? Need answer ASAP.
davedsel57 responded:

Unfortunately, you will need to see your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and a good treatment plan. All we can do is guess over the internet and that would not be helpful at all.

Start with your primary doctor and see what he/she thinks. Then come back and let us know what your diagnosis is and the proposed treatment plan.
Blessings, -Dave
Mooless responded:
I have had this also, but with tailbone, and hip pain, too. I was told that my muscles were too tight, and were pulling on my tailbone, and the nerves that connect it, and I had to keep moving, and exercising, to loosen up the muscles. A deep tissue massage might help, or a chiropractor. That is the only thing that is helping me, and I have had this for 6 years, sometimes unbearable pain, burning and stinging. Hope this helps you.
Geradine4733 responded:
You have been given good advice. It does sound like muscle or nerve pain. Pain is a sympton and a red flag that should be respected by going to see your doctor. It could be something minor or it could be serious. You are worth the trip to your doctor.