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L4,L5 Ruptured Disc? Missing Disc?
strickalator posted:
Can a Doctor or someone who has knowledge about Backs and Ruptured Discs please tell me if the image scan from my MRI looks like what I think it is. Based on what I see here it looks like disc material is missing from L4 and L5 is ruptured. I have more images if you need them.

davedsel57 responded:

It is really against the rules here at WebMD to provide a diagnosis. However, I can share that I have been managing chronic back pain for over 30 years it does look to me that there may be some beginnings of problems with your spine.

Here is a link to a good site where you can get a basic understanding of how to read your MRI:

What has your doctor said about your MRI results? That is the best and really the only person who can work with you to review the results, create an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan for any spinal problems you may have.
Blessings, -Dave
strickalator replied to davedsel57's response:
Thank you for your reply, I just got the mri's from the hospital and wont be seeing the doctor until july 20th. I understand that no one can diagnose, but the hospital gave me a CD with all the images on it and it doesnt look to good from my viewpoint. I will check that link you gave me.
earlyretirement replied to strickalator's response:
I certainly understand your concern but I also agree with Dave's response. There certainly appears to be some abnormality with this paticuliar MRI but there is so many other factors involved with imaging and the type used and the person that will be giving you those results specializes in that, I guess I'm just curious as to what your symptoms are but that's okay too if you wish not to devulge them also.
strickalator replied to earlyretirement's response:
My symptoms are lower back pain and left leg pain. I only experience the pain when standing for long or trying to walk more than 100 feet. After 100 feet of walking its starts to really burn and it is also numb. I have to sit down for 5-15 minutes before i can walk again and the stabbing pain goes away.
bj1208 responded:
hi strickalator -

along with the CD of the MRI - there should be a readout from the radiologist outlining what he/she sees on the MRI - you may want to check the CD and see if that is there -

If not, then call the hospital and see if you can get a printout of the written report - this will let you know what the radiologist sees - but your doc would be the final factor on what he/she sees -
hope this helps - take care and let us know what happens at your appointment - Joy~~
earlyretirement replied to strickalator's response:
Joy has given good advice and I hope you get your results soon. You didn't mention when your appt was with the MD or what he/she specializes in? keep in touch....The radiologist will interept and report his findings but the physician is the one that decides what further steps needs to be done-
painfree4life replied to strickalator's response:
I see its been sometime since you posted, so what did the doc say about your MRI, and has your pain/problems improved or has it gotten worse. I have a bulging disc on L5 and have have similar paints, only its in both legs when trying to work long distance or stand.
strickalator replied to painfree4life's response:
I had surgery actually, they placed 2 x stop spacers in my spine in L4/L5 I had spinal stenosis plus 2 bulging discs.
davedsel57 replied to strickalator's response:
Hello! Thanks for updating us.

When was your surgery and how are you doing?
Blessings, -Dave
perdy1 replied to strickalator's response:
I have the same thing-2 bulging discs and spinal stenosis. Lyrica has helped enormously, along with my other meds. How bad do you have to be to have the surgery? My doctors said the surgery will cure my problem, so I would like to have it done right away. I have low back pain, really bad butt pain and sometimes this is only after one hour of shopping. The pills help, but I don't want to depend on them forever.
maltlover replied to perdy1's response:
Perdy, I wonder if you have gotten a second opinion from another spine specialist? I have to say I am a bit concerned when a doctor says they will "cure" your pain, as no one can promise that. Spine surgery is very intricate and 10 patients can have the same symptoms, same surgery, and all have different recoveries and results.

It is always a good idea to get more than one opinion when contemplating surgery, especially fusion. Have you seen an Orthopedic spine specialist?

I have also had good luck with lyrica, but I waited too long to have my compressed nerves released and may now have permanent weakness in my right leg. Only time will tell how much recovery there will be. Do you have any loss of muscle strength? If so, that's a sure sign that the nerves are badly compressed.

Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.


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