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    Zanaflex/Tizanidine side effects and also pain relief
    marieh9 posted:
    Hi group,
    I went to the neurologist today and ruled out MS ( I didn't think I had it) and the doctor thinks my back pain is most likely myofascial pain. She prescribed Zanaflex and i am worried about the side effects. What were your experiences and is it worth it. Also, if you went off of it how bad are the withdrawal symptoms.
    bj1208 responded:
    hi marieh9 -

    well i have been on zanaflex/tizandine several times in the last 5 years - i have always taking muscle relaxers with my pain meds - so when I went off the muscle relaxers I didn't have any withdrawals -

    have you discussed this with the neurologist? or possibly your primary care physician?

    I know that there are/were several members that have taken this med so hopefully they will see the post and respond.

    hope this helps a little - take care - Joy~~
    marieh9 replied to bj1208's response:
    Hi bj1208,
    thanks for the info. How long do you usually take the drug when you do? She is thinking of having me on it long term, not just for a week. I didn't get a chance to ask many questions with this new doctor. So, tomorrow I'm seeing my GP and then next week I'm going to the Integrative pain medicine center. So I think I will hold off until next Tuesday.
    take care,
    livebyfaith2010 replied to marieh9's response:
    I take that one and I really like it. Unlike flearil it actualy works it relives my muscle tention and helps me sleep at night. I take that in combo with my ambien and unless my three year old daughter has a bad night I almost always sleep good I really like that one. It does make me really sleeply so be a good idea to take it at bed time until you know how it will effect you
    bj1208 replied to marieh9's response:
    hi marieh9 - when I was taking these (took them at different times) it was normally when I was also going to physical therapy - which I have been to 6 or more different ones - and each time I was on it from one month being the shortest time to almost a year being the longest time -

    physical therapy did not work for me and the muscle relaxers did not work either - I was going to PT 3X a week and every time I did they had to massage my muscles away from the middle of my back (starting at the backbone and work outwards) - and by the time I did my exercises and did the heat/ice treatments my muscles would be tensed up again - so I gave up on that plus the PT did not make my back better - it actually hurt and made it almost impossible to get up and walk - this has happened each time I went to different PT's plus before and after my surgery - ugh! LOL guess i'm just a lost cause!! hehe!

    I would give it a try and see how you do on it - everyone is different and reacts differently to meds -

    take care - Joy~~

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