can i take concerta and tramadol at the same time
shoesfromme2u posted:
was wondering if concerta will interact badly with tramadol
bj1208 responded:
HI shoesfromme2u - welcome to the support group -

We are not physicians and cannot truthfully answer your question - though we do have a physician (Dr. Joe Minchew) who frequents the board, but his work schedule has kept him away for a while.

If you were prescribed the medications by the same doctor and/or that the doctor that prescribed the pain med tramadol is aware that you are taking concerta then there should not be a problem.

HOWEVER, to get an honest answer to your question you should contact your physician's office and/or the pharmacy. They will be able to let you know - Most pharmacies are equipped to compare the meds for any interactions. And as a rule of thumb it's best to have all your meds filled at the same pharmacy so that they can catch any problems with meds that may interact.

Hope this helps - take care - Joy~~