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    OMG! Major Storm of the Century
    bj1208 posted:
    Maonin Deach, Dave and everyone -

    OMG!! I cannot believe the weather system forming - so far we are under a winter storm WARNING - freezing rain/drizzle tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night - then TUESDAY - BLIZZARD conditions!! with up to a foot of snow - 20-30mph winds -

    And I guess this is gonna hit Chicago real bad too - so be on the watch - hopefully it'll lose speed going farther east -

    Think we're gonna get some firewood just in case the lights go off - dang I hope not

    Stay warm and be safe everyone - take care - ^Joy^
    deach777 responded:
    Hi Joy, looks like you will get the snow and us here in Pa. an ice storm which could be bad. Dave up North maybe both snow and ice. Whatever, we can't change it now can we. I got it in the hip and buttocks today. But managed to start an exercise routine. Lightly of course. I'm getting way out of shape, esp. cardio.
    Hope your snows not too bad, have a good night, ~DeacH~
    charl1942 responded:
    So sorry about the ice and snow storms, Joy and all who are in the areas where this weather is so bad now. Bless you all and keep you and yours safe.
    charl1942 replied to deach777's response:
    Deach, I have forgotten what you told me to do to send the bird Christmas tree pictures for you to view. If you care to send the indo again, I'll will try a little better this time.

    Bless and keep you and yours.
    deach777 replied to charl1942's response:
    You can click on my name or picture and under my profile is my e mail addy. You can send them there if you want,,, Nice seeing you here again, ~Deach~
    davedsel57 responded:
    Hello Joy and all.

    I have been very busy dealing with things for my dad. This is just so overwhelming and confusing. I'm taking things one step at a time and we will get there soon.

    So far it is a bright sunny day but only 12 degrees in WNY. They are calling for major snow mid-week for us. I hope not. We have an appointment to visit a long-term care facility for my father on Thursday. I also want to try and get in to visit a few other places this week. Hopefully the storm will miss us all and we will be OK.

    Have a blessed and marvelous Monday, friends!
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story. Blessings, -Dave
    bj1208 replied to davedsel57's response:
    Happy Monday Moanin Everyone!!!

    We have the calm before the storm - or something like that -

    Right now we have freezing rain/drizzle - but temps are at 30 so it's not doing too much damage here - up north and west of us they had to close some rural highways so they could get them sanded/salted or the new liquid stuff -

    Guess we will know tomorrow for sure - they are calling for 16 - 24 inches of snow!!! YIKES!!!

    Hope it does miss you guys - I'm not looking forward to this storm but we are in the middle of it so guess we are really gonna get socked -

    Hope everyone has a lpd - take care - ^Joy^
    deach777 replied to bj1208's response:
    Dave, hope you get everything str. out with ur dad this week. Looks like your right in the path of the storm, sorry. We are in for ice on Wed. and a little snow tomorrow.
    Joy i hope you don't get socked with the snow. The ice is what worrys me. Trees could be down. Powerlines. Yikes,,,
    My cold is getting worse with more chest congestion. yukers
    Have a good night, stay warm, ~DeacH~
    bj1208 replied to deach777's response:
    hey there - well luckily in our neighborhood the power lines are under ground - just worries us about up the road in the other neighborhoods where the power feeds to us - they are above ground and around trees!!!

    Well just looked at the weather - we are to get 16 inches of snow - if u want to see the colorful weather maps go to:

    NOAA.COM - put in 64012 (where I'm at) and at the upper left part; NWS KANSAS CITY/PLEASANT HILL - click on that and look at the maps and areas - looks so pretty!!! lol NOT!

    Dave - hope you get everything worked out with ur dad and get to visit with the place - maybe storm will miss ya - praying it does

    take care - ^Joy^
    orangetabby responded:
    Hey there,

    Yep, we are getting those major storm and blizzard warnings. Storm of the ???? (decade, if not century). Guess it is a waiting game for now. I'm betting on a half inch! lololol Anybody else betting on a miss?

    Regardless, it hasn't been a terrible winter so far. Already the winds and the damp make it feel really, really cold out there. And we're still about a day away from the major push of the snow. Then comes the deep freeze.

    Deach and bj and Dave and Charl et. al., How are you doing?

    davedsel57 replied to deach777's response:
    I hate ice. I hate snow. I hate winter weather. Why have we not moved south yet? I hate bugs more.

    Our local weather folks are saying this will not miss us. Good thing my wife and I went grocery shopping yesterday morning.

    Stay warm and safe, everyone!
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story. Blessings, -Dave
    orangetabby replied to davedsel57's response:

    Yea, dave, me too!!! on those bugs and critters. Well, that plus the whole danged upheaval of moving and the money to do it.

    I do agree too that if I have to be out in a storm, I'd rather be out in a snow storm rather than an ice storm or even a plain old rainstorm. You just don't get as wet in a snowstorm!
    deach777 replied to orangetabby's response:
    Hey Orangeicicle and everyone. Hope this morning sees your snow ending soon. We and a bout an inch now covered with ice. This evening the bad ice is to come. I have to buy a box of firelogs just incase the power should go off tomorrow. Had the dog out and the sleet was bouncing off us. So i picked him up and in we went. He just don't stand long on his own. Well i'll be working wxtra this week because one of the ladys fell on the ice and bruised ribs and hit her head. Bad time with our move in progress. Just hope this bug i have improves soon. hope you all have a good day, STAY SAFE
    God bless, ~IcyDeach~
    davedsel57 replied to deach777's response:
    Good morning, all. Nice to see you orangetabby.

    I have the morning news on the TV and the anchor just said "It's big, it's wicked and it's coming our way". That is referring to the expected "storm of the century" that should hit our area later today and overnight. Expected snow totals will average 1 foot and there will also be freezing rain and ice. I can't wait.

    How many days until spring??

    Have a blessed plus safe and warm Tuesday, friends.
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story. Blessings, -Dave
    bj1208 replied to davedsel57's response:
    He! He! - our snow started about 5:30am and it's still snowing -
    100% Heavy Snow Today with 7-11 inches and 100% Heavy Snow tonight with another 2-5 inches! So we're gonna be burried - then tomorrow major snow blowing -

    The Governor of MO spoke last night and has issued a state of emergency for MO!!!! So imagine they will shut down a lot of towns/cities thru out the day -

    Snow plows have been working since 4am trying to stay ahead of the snow fall - guess that will be useless once it starts coming down harder -

    Oh well - brace urselves - Tabby - hope ur staying warm and safe - Think u guys are getting more ice - hope it's not that much -

    will give update later - take care - ^Joy^

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