Searching for someone with this experience or knowledge
charl1942 posted:
I have not been on for a while as I have not been able to sit but minutes at the time and that has gotten worse over time. I have had several falls landing on my tailbone and the sitz bones. I have finally had a procedure called a pulsed radiofrequency on the tailbone which seems to have alleviated most of the pain there. As soon as that pain was lessened I noticed the pain I have now which is just as severe. I am treating with the most compassionate pain mgmt doctor that I have ever met. She is aware I now have trouble with what is called the Ishiel Tuborosity (or the area where you sit down). I hope there is something that can be done to help this pain. I get sick to my stomach from the pain. I am sure many or all of you understand what I mean. Over the last three years I have been checked over completly at Mayo Clinic not only for the cause of pain, but my drastic weight loss. I do not have cancer which I suppose is what they were primarily checking for.
If anyone can help, please do. I can not get any peace and sleep fitfully. I take oxycodone 15mg and neurontin as well as Alleve. This medication is not hacking it. The pain is only better the little while I sleep. As usual I am pretty much confined at home because of the location of the pain. Please, please help.